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  1. so there is no way to split the signal they have to be all chained together in series?
  2. i have 7 16 channel controllers and would like to split the plug on one of my controllers to save on wire around the yard. i was told to use a cat 5 network switch. I purchased the switch from amazon for $10 and tried it. my G3-MP3 Director shuts down any time i try to plug the switch in does anyone know how to do this.
  3. can i have a copy as well please ferrantexmas@yahoo.com
  4. does anyone have a copy my lights go on on thanksgiving and i told my father in law i would do it but having trouble with the programming ferrantexmas@yahoo.com
  5. look for frank Sinatra jingle bells my show is 112 channels if anyone has anything they would like to share i would appreciate it thank you ferrantexmas@yahoo.com
  6. i am new to this forum i am looking for frank Sinatra jingle bells and any other Christmas songs i can find. i just recently went from 48 channels to 112 channels this year trying to modify my old sequences but running out of time with my setup this year the two big items i have are a 24 channel mega tree three colors 8 multi 8 red 8 white and 9 arches over the driveway 1 channel per arch. all other features are either 8 channels or nine channels any one who has anything close to this that is willing to share i would appreciate it this is my third year now with light o rama and sequencing is were i struggle the most i have looked on ebay but have not found much that would work with my setup the Sinatra jingle bells is just for my father in law its his favorite song and he is one of the few people that help me setup my lights i know it is a very busy time for all right now setting up so i am grateful for any help i can get thank you. i dont know if i need to post my email or not but it is ferrantexmas@yahoo.com
  7. i was wondering if i may be able to get a copy also please ferrantejon@yahoo.com
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