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  1. Would love a copy of your 32 channel sequences if possible. Thanks in advance Skyskioc@gmail.com
  2. Also looking for the Christmas Can Can sequence 16 or 32 channel if anyone is kind enough to share. I promise its for my own use on my house. Just trying to change some things up with a few new songs. Thanks Skyskioc@gmail.com
  3. Love this version. If anyone has this sequence in 16 or 32 channel, I would love a copy. Thanks community Skyskioc@Gmail.com
  4. If possible, I would love a copy of this please. Thanks for considering it. Skyskioc@gmail.com
  5. Was wondering if anyone has the above mentioned LOR 16 or 32 channel sequence they would like to share ? No singing faces or pixels just regular LOR controllers. Just something simple they would like to share. Any help appreciated. Send to : Skyskioc@gmail.com
  6. Looking for "David Foster Carol of the bells " lms file if anyone can share with me. 64 Channels only. No singing faces or DMX or anything else. Just standard LOR controllers. Any help appreciated. Thanks community
  7. I would love a copy as well please thank you so much skyskioc@gmail.com
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