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  1. Hi BluMan, So I'm testing the matrix, and BTW thank you for recommending the GIF. Those were easy to find. I wanted to test the dancing Gingerman and Santa, however, my LOR does not recognize the 23x31 matrix horizonal rectangular, 4 four folds and number of pixels at 92. Everything is backward and upside down , I did hours of investigation to find out under the TEXT PE effect the the text 'TEST' was upside down and backwards text. I found this at two folds. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Rousefamily5 Christmas
  2. Hello, I'm building three pixel matrixes. Two of three are done. Thought I'd play with some effects to check my progress only find the effect looked horrible. After hours of investigating I tried the Text PE effect which revealed the word TEST is backward, upside down and does not recognize the number of folds. At two folds, 92 pixels per roll everything is legible but as stated above, the word TEST was backward and upside down. The matrix I found the issues on is 23 pixels high x31 pixels long, 92 pixels per string, four folds, 7 strings. LOR: Matrix Horizonal Rectangular. Any idea what's going on? Thanks, Rousefamily5 Christmas
  3. Hello, need some support... I am wondering if anyone knows what software, programming is needed created the dancing Santa, Elf and Gingerbread as done in the window matric, see link at the 12:40 second mark of Trista Light 2017 show. Thanks, Rousefamily5 Christmas
  4. Hi Jim(K6ccc), It's rousefamily5 again with another question... You fixed another problem last year (2019) so I hope you can help again. I'm getting back to the same question I wrote last year, see above. I have three large windows that exceed the my 50 ct. pixel strand, WS2811. I added 10 extra pixels to the each strand. In test mode the entire strand sequences through (Red, Green, Blue), however, when running the sequence the pixels I added will not light. All other pixels lights up to the point where I added pixels. I believe everything is correct in the prop definition. I am using the 5.5.14 S5, Pixie 16. I entered the correct number of nodes for top/bottom and left/right. I have doubts about the max circuit, should it be set to 150 for carryover or should it be set to 510. Neither way runs the extra pixels. Yes, the arrow on the back of the node is pointed in the correct direction. Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks, Peter rousefamily5
  5. For some reason only 1/2 of the ports of my (4) pixie16 ports work. All ports on each controller turn on lights in HU test, all 16 ports send data to the pixel strips. However, when I play the sequence in Pixel Editor the lights do not come on for ports 10-16. On all four controller it's as though prop definition doesn't recognize I have 16 ports. Any idea?
  6. Roger that, good advise!!! I inadvertently deleted my 2018 show 6 days shy of go live! I am trying to fix what I believe is a possible bug issue... My circuit count is off- just wrote another post for help. Window frame 59 pixels, overlap should be 9, however, it's reading 58. WTHeck!
  7. Hello, I had a similar issue last year... I was told to upgrade my dongle from the (Black) USB485 to the (Red) highspeed USB485 dongle. The issue was that dongle was unable to read the mix of AC controllers with the Pixie 16's. Fixed my issue... Hope my comments were relevant.. Thanks, Rousefamily5
  8. Hello, I am running 4.3.18 Pro, however, I see 4.4.4 is available. My question, "If I update to the newest version will I erase my programming for the 2019 show?" Thanks, Rousefamily5
  9. Hello, I am setting up my Pixie16's. In the pixie editor under the Preview Design my prop definition for window frame I have a total of 59 pixels. By my count that's a carry over of 9 circuits over the 150 circuits. Max for each channel is 170 circuits. My start circuit is 1, and max circuit is set to 170. Everything looks find, I think. network: Reg; Unit ID (ok); start Circuit 1, End Circuit 170 (or 150), carry over is 58... Does anyone if this is a bug related? Thanks, Rousefamily5
  10. Hello kdunn, Great job upgrading... You'll enjoy every bit of the addition! Answers: 1. Mounting controller - I tent to mount my controllers as close to the prop or on the prop. Depending on your specific display this should reduce the number of power cords. 2. LED/Electric- Not knowing your specific layout, design, etc. Usually the LED bulb consumes much less power than the incandescent bulb(s).You shouldn't need to do anything specific with power. In 2016 I added 40 AMPS of additional power for various reason, (1) I was still running hundreds of incandescent light and (2) my display was growing. My electric bill was bwtn $500-$700 (Colorado)for the entire season. Slowly switching out from incandescent to LED my electric reduced and I could add more light using less power. 3. Yes, again, not know your specific layout, design etc. the controller plugs into the standard three prong extension cord and/or outlet. I recommend visit YouTube, there are many videos available to walk your through your design. I have started a VLOG where I'll attempt to answer these specific type of questions: peter rouse xmas (YouTube). 4. roof line- I think YouTube is a very good starting point to find the answer(s)... There are many moving pieces to your questions i.e. clips, type of lights, number of strands of lights, how are you attaching them, etc. Your biggest cost should had been the cost of the LED's. I am converting over to both smart and dumb Pixel's this year. Dumb pixels will go outline the house. Pixels are more costly upfront but more saving in the long run... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieo3queGJC4 (#1 VLOG) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk0hj_GXT1Y (2017 light display) Good luck and keep 'em lit! rousefamily5
  11. I'm sorry. Yes, all my controllers are LOR product. CTB16PC 4 ea CTB04-PC 1 ea New: Pixie 16 controller 1 ea Pixel tree kit 2 ea
  12. Hello, I need some help. I have three 16 channel controllers for my incandescent and LED lights- loved my 2017 show. This 2018 I'm integrating pixels into my show. I purchased two 8 channel pixel trees, one 16 channel (smart) pixel controller (windows), one dumb pixel controller (house outline), and power supply. I've upgraded my license to Pro and I am ready to start programming. Seriously behind- normally programming in July-August. How do I upload my pixel controllers into last year's sequence editor/show? Or do I build a new show- still not clear how to add pixels. Any advise? Please help! ;o) Thanks!
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