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  1. I did move some things around and still not getting 2nd Pixie to work. Just to make sure I am doing things right or wrong, I have 4 regular controllers that are 1-4 on list and 1st Pixie is number 5 and looking at that I put 2nd Pixie starting on port 17 and can't get to do anything. I have also tried the back door in HU still nothing lighting up and I am using the same network for pixies only and like I said the 1st one works great 2nd one no dice. I am using s5 and using comm. 4 with enhanced network @5000k
  2. Thanks! I dI'd read j.r. post but I am using S5 and that is based on S4, anywhere I can find same info on pixie but using S5?
  3. Quick question when running a second pixie controller do you piggyback just like you using your regular controllers or does it need its on USB -rs485 plug? I have tried everything and can't get it to turn lights on. I am running (2) Pixie controllers and 1st one works just fine.
  4. I am only using 1 light string but will try more than one to see what happens and go back through the steps.
  5. running it on a pixie 16. I am only using a total of 16 strings of 50 5v on props. I am using computer and have 4 controllers besides this one. I have pro licence I finally got lights on in HU using Pixle console but on 5 bulbs when running sequence. I am only using super star to create sequences vs pixel editor. S4 and already put together by lor. Getting close.
  6. Got like 4 of a 50 string to work but not the others.?
  7. Doing another run through now. Where is the dip switch located
  8. Steven R

    Pixie 16 help

    I am new to pixels and need help I have went set up like it says in manual but can't get any lights to turn. What am I doing wrong. Help!!!!!!!!
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