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  1. 80_CCR Version 5.6.6 I do get a window box: channel map size exceeds 65535, setting channel map size to 65535 No clue to what the above means. OK reducing the resolution in the preview actually worked. One wasn’t enough went to half. Ok complete newbie question what will this affect? Also in the future when I expend left and right more am I going to see this again? If so once I set resolution to the bare minimum will that be the limits? I got neighbors who will be joining me?
  2. Recently upgraded to 80 CCR. My entire display is 3100 pixels. When loading into superstar it shows a portion of my pixels and the other side is missing in the grid. I tried loading an effect (shock) to go through the entire display and it won’’t display. Anything circled in red does not. Any help here?
  3. Yeap that was it. Showed RGB in simple but in advance it showed GBR. All is better and I am in my happy place. LOL Thanks.
  4. Uncharted area here advanced is where. I will need to look at HU tonight again for advance area. Unsure where you can select each port to be RGB. All my display is LOR products
  5. So got it all up and start a test. Well one pixie 16 is showing the wrong color. All the strings should look like fire but they are green blue. Things I checked. 1. Unplug one string displaying wrong color and plug into another pixie displaying the correct color. The string worked correct. Verified it’s RGB string. 2. verified my sequence had the right color. It also displays correct in preview. 3. Went into HU and verified it was on RGB. Did a test in red we’ll it was greenish. I did have an old BGR color order string that I had plug into it for a prop that always stays on. I had to adjust it to blue to get red. After having this issue I unplugged and checked steps 1-3. oh I am not sure this has anything to do with it but one last thing is I have one pixie 16 I am not using at all this year that I program BGR to this comm port and AUX C. For the wrong color order pixels string I have. It is not even in use and in the box until I switch it back over to RGB and lor extensions. I set this new pixie up this year to use. I am a little lost here so any help would be appreciated.
  6. Ok seems I am also having same issue. I have HU set and can run sequence with only 100 lights. My longest run is 128. I wanted to test if it be ok, but nothing I do seems to work to get past 100. Some help here would be appreciated. I have the jumper in. I think your video said must be in so I will wait to here back.
  7. I would imagine someone like you who has so much put together in S4 would be a pain, and sort of make you hesitant to switch.
  8. Hopefully two neighbors houses which will only require me to explain what they need to do to outline pixels on their house. Most of my part is just sequencing and making the connection. For me Arches and another smaller tree. Overall I really need to increase my library of sequence plus improve the sequences I have.
  9. I understand I think now. I was looking at this as a graph where 0 is the mid point or bottom left. I was also not considering 0 in the count across the grid. -12,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 Thank you this will help.
  10. I am running through SS help and doing their examples. It sets as default a 12x50 tree. Kind of weird since 16x50 is the standard. Any way I am able to do the practice examples in the help. But what I do not get is the grid. Under image action it has start and end. With the x and y. X being horizontal and y being vertical. It asks you to set start to -12 and 10 and end to 12 and 10. Here is where I am confused. The tree is 12 wide but it asks for -12. Where is that in relation to the image I placed on there. I tried adjusting these numbers slightly and it does not seem to change anything. I am just trying to understand this better since I really believe this will help.
  11. Incorrect. One preview for al the houses. You can create different Views in Sequencer which allows you to de-clutter the channel lineup - for example one view that only shows the channels for maybe the roofline at all houses, or a different view that shows only one house. The Preview will still show everything, but the the sequencing grid can be more organized. The view section was very small and I thought maybe it was farther in reading. I am after all doing it right. It be nice if you could make separate previews and then link them. I took pictures of all the house and plotted them in one background. Then when I open a sequence I can make bobs house one view, Chad’s house one view and then my house. Good thing is mostly they only want an outline. hmm I guess I need to get an E1.31 to learn with. Possibly a cheap one if there is such a thing. Both neighbors could get away with two 4 port controllers. 1 for top floor and one for bottom floor. The homes are less than 28 ft wide
  12. Curious I thought I read somewhere that you either ran All pixies or the other. Did this change and you can run both LOR protocol and E1.31? I am still reading the help menu. Still a bit confused on the preview and how to set each house as their own preview. But like I said not done reading. so for affects I set it to follow as shown on preview. I won’t be able to do that anymore with multiple houses on my preview will I?
  13. Got it I am a slow reader so be a while. Thanks
  14. Can you point me in the direction of a video and or literature this? I am looking through S5 and not quite seeing this.
  15. What do you mean by multiple views for various segments?
  16. I figured there be some that want to join but can’t put the cash out that I did. I figured I could use the AC controllers for them. Even split it between neighbors. 8 channels for one the other 8 for the other neighbor. That way I am not leaving people out.
  17. Your full of knowledge thank you. I will read over this info for a few and come back for more questions. I found my self in a spot and I am learning as I go. This was my first year with pixels 2nd year with LOR and well I just went all pixels. I am not an expert by any means. Next question would you happen to know the best way to make preview. So that you can sequence three or more future homes.
  18. Pixie link just read that.... and it’s not available? What....UGH yea the trees on both sides of road actually touch in the middle.
  19. I see it does work with E1.31 ugh but just reading that is starting to confuse me. I did mention that deep rabbit hole right....
  20. Speaking of networks that likely will make me have to keep an eye on how many pixels my neighbors are running. Maybe requiring a couple cat 5 / 6 wires to go over ( couple networks)
  21. I kind like running by a pc. LOR does not run E1.31. Or does it. (Going to have to go read) I have a substantial investment in LOR products and not really wanting to change. Pretty pleased. I thought about just running a cat5/6 over through the large trees. He is directly in front of me. Just trying to determine the best and most economical way to do this. It’s not easy for someone to plop down 1000 dollars just to put lights up. They’re interested but that would just scare them away. I was looking at the pixie 8 package. That would enable them to outline the house. Small baby steps. We’re the rare crazy people that drop big coin on what we like to do......
  22. Since I need to only jump the road once can you not get away with one director or does everyone have to be on the director? if more than one is required can you get away with one director running one side of street (me) and the other running the other (neighbors). What would be the advantages of each person having their own director? Can you sequence each house individually? What article would show me this process.
  23. So I have two neighbors who are wanting to join me. Couple questions and request cause I keep going down that dark rabbit hole. Good thing I have a year. 1. What’s the best way to do the three houses. Just throw all three house in a new preview? 2. Both neighbors like the pixels. But one of them is on the other side of the street. So how can I jump the road. 3. Any and all suggestion recommendations are welcomed cause I am by far not a seasoned veteran like some of you.
  24. That’s good to know it will be default. I did this while testing and figured it out before going live.
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