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  1. Looking for some ideas. any help is appreciated. Xmaslightman19@aol.com
  2. My email is xmaslightman19@aol.com is anyone is willing to share.
  3. Just wondering is anyone is willing to share I have a bunch of sequences to swap. Let me know 🙂
  4. would really appreciate a copy Manderscout@gmail.com
  5. I've always wanted to sequence "Santa Clause is coming to town" and I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause last night". Has anyone here ever done these songs? they would be so awesome in a light show.
  6. Looking for some inspiration this year. Anyone willing to Share? I have several sequences to share also if anyone is looking for something specific.
  7. Would be happy to share or Trade, I'm looking for 3 more really good sequences this year.
  8. would love a copy xmaslightman19@aol.com Thank you
  9. any chance i could get this sequence? xmaslightman19@aol.com Would be awesome!
  10. Just wondering if anyone has done this song before and is willing to Share?
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