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  1. Hope you didn't purchase these items on the "presale" . Great benefits if you did.....Taillight warranty . $60 an hour for his tech support....Yea he will get you all fixed up.. Besides this is the LOR forums..these are not LOR products .HolidayCoro has a forum on the website...best tech support money can buy <sarcasm>. Do you go to the Best Buy website to get help with something you purchased at Walmart???
  2. Cell Phone Charger???? doenst have enough ass to power s string of pixels.. maybe 1... but thats it... get a REAL switching power supply!!
  3. Dan! Thank you!! That will be nice to have an update in that form... hopefully we will see and I'll make this general " We were able to start cleaning up the widgets to let S3 operate more efficiently, but its running into some SNFUs , the good side it is showing promise"... Knowing successes on what has been done , and yep those downers that didnt work so well would be nice... Kinda like management staff meetings I used to have attend, and I would have to give presentations on current state of inventory control and "shrink", and how I was going to work on reducing that shrink.
  4. Hello Dan! Its been a bit since your last update, and as much as i enjoy all the hardware products and reliability of them since 2008, using s3 with higher channels counts well like others have voiced, and you responded...kinda lackluster...... So where is LOR on this... what progess has been made.. you did promise better communication on this issue! Well with all due respect...Its Lackluster!! I myself is already shopping and testing different avenues.. which is becoming a pain in the ass, along with looking quite expensive if I go one direction, So I am asking....give everyone an update
  5. Can I breathe Yet?? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-oZVYui1p5dM/UFg7TQHYEJI/AAAAAAAAATY/b4fovRdRcmk/s320/holding+breath(1).jpg
  6. I have an answer for the cable ties as I mow my yard right after tear down. Its called Snapper Hi Vac rear engine rider.. I don't use yard stakes but I use a ton of landscape fabric staples, I use a strong magnet after i get everything up and walk across the yard with it to get the loose wire staples before mowing.
  7. mnkyboy

    CCF Video

    Since I know quite a bit about the LEDS used in the CCF's, once you place them outside they will do much better. The Luxeon Rebels used in these are very intense, and pretty accurate in colors. When you place them horizontal about 3 feet off ground level and about 5 to 7 feet from the surface you want to wash you will see a difference.. . The Rebels have a projection of approx 140 deg.... If you place them on the ground you lose quite a bit of the light onto the ground. When you are working on them close quarters you can pretty much see the difussion of the LEDS individually... You should
  8. Here is an Image of Craig showing off the "Original" XMAS flood he built. This is what caught my attention to his details of how it was made.. This is where Craig and I became friends and started talking about things back and forth... This flood is what opened the door and caught the attentio of Dan and lead to the LOR CCF (and another flood design out at this time I worked with Craig on).( I still have the email from Craig letting me know LOR was interested, it was a happy day for Craig )..a few things I took note of the LEDS he used, and are the same ones used in the LOR CCF. Luxeon rebels
  9. Many of you know Craig and I were very close freinds. I am going to share a few things here that only a few know..I probably talked to him more than anyone else he talked to. Did we bump heads at times, Yes.. but somehow we always worked through..but we remained close friends to the end no matter. Dan Baldwin Craig thought the world of you and others at LOR. the email you posted was the more sensitive side of Craig.. Since you shared an email. I will share one myself. This was the last email I received from him... From: Craig E. Marshall Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 5:57 PM To: ourmonkey
  10. Ok I am losing it, I just tried to close the window on the OPs screenshot..
  11. Its not that hard to draw.. Try 64 channels 16 slices with 2 strings each...pretty much everything of mine is Red, Green, Blue and white. Attached files
  12. ace_master wrote: RGB strips from Ray, using a CTB16DC board.. no problems.. http://youtu.be/p3PgDHKKQDo In fact my entire display is LED, No snubbers whats so ever. http://youtu.be/HzfOan4EWyo
  13. ErnieHorning wrote: If it didn't have forbiden access, it might have been fixed. You didn't know the secret code!! I fixed it though.
  14. wbottomley wrote: Gen3 card: Gen2 card FTFY!
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