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  1. I would like this as well please. Send to platinum.cd@gmail.com
  2. I am planning to use 24.5 feet led mini light strands
  3. First year into this and I am thinking about purchasing a 20 foot mega tree kit from Christmaslighshow.com. My question is if my yard is not level will i need to do something to level the tree or just leave it sloping down. My whole yard slopes downward towards the street. I also wondered if I leveled it would that cause a issue with securing it somehow. Thanks in advance you have all been a huge help my first year. Halloween turned out great!!
  4. I would like this also please. platinum.cd@gmail.com
  5. James I would like this as well if you dont mind platinum.cd@gmail.com
  6. James, I would love a copy of this if you don't mind. Platinum.cd@gmail.com Thanks as always
  7. Yes I am selecting the whole row. I will try these. Thanks a bunch !
  8. I am having the hardest time copy and pasting from one sequence to another. Looks like the timing is the same I have tried the Control C V option using yh buttons up top as well as right clicking and using copy and paste it just won’t copy it over to the other sequence I have started. Any ideas ?
  9. Very nice! . How hard is it to hook up a pixel controller to it after you cut the old controller off ? Do you have a picture of this by chance ?
  10. I have never messed with any of these before I just thought with the memory it would know what color I wanted between Halloween and Christmas but controlling colors with the controller would be something I haven’t done yet. I just started this month with this process and have only done standard solid colored leds so far for a Halloween display. I don’t know about the othe options that’s why I’m asking.
  11. I definitely want something that I can control with my sequences. Do you happen to have a pic or two you could send of what yours look like attached to the house in the daytime ? Thanks a bunch. Email is platinum.cd@gmail.com
  12. Hello I am considering putting up some lights on my roof line that could be used for Christmas and Halloween. I would have to get a lift to put up as tall as the house is, so I am thinking of some I can just leave up Oct through Dec but change the colors. My initial thought is something like a C9 light. I want something durable and that also has a color memory so it goes back to the last color when powered back up again. Thanks for the help everyone.
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