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  1. Thanks Jim. Understood and already done. Roger
  2. Thanks John, I can set limits within Xlights I believe. Have not played with it yet, but I do understand what you are saying. Roger
  3. With just some quick basic single servo testing this appears to be the fix! Thanks so much for the information John! I really do appreciate it! Roger
  4. Question John. So when you put 1 to 4 and 2 to 5 did you put 4 back to 1 and 5 back to 2 and use the rest as standard? Or did you just shift them all down 2 spaces to the left and leave the right of 5 alone? I am assuming that this is a different configuration as the normal LOR to DMX cross over cable. Correct? I appreciate the help! Thanks Roger.
  5. Thanks John! I will give that a try today! Roger
  6. I'm sure that this has been addressed many times, but I cannot find it. I recently acquired a ServoDog with and animated snowman. I can get the servos to work with the LOR usb-485 in the ServoDog hardware utility, but in the end I am trying to get the ServoDog to work with my Falcon V3 controllers using the DMX serial output.I have had no luck. For now I have put away the Falcon and am simply trying to get it to run with an old usb Lynx dmx dongle. I know that the DMX is being output because if I connect to an ac controller I can control channel 1-16. I have the ServoDog id set to 01. I am using Xlights to control. I have tried just a standard Cat5 cable and also an LOR cross over cable with no luck from either one. One note I can get Xlights to control the servos using the LOR setup and USB-485B adapter. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Roger
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