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  1. I love that song if anywhere shares I would love a copy lorchristmas@gmail.com thanks Kevin
  2. my email: lorchristmas@gmail.com thanks Kevin
  3. If you are still sharing this I would love to have a copy also. Thank you Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  4. i know its late but if you are still sharing ghostbusters I would love a copy. Thanks Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  5. thanks, I had it configured all along, I did it as DMX Universes, but I am still getting incorrect lighting on my ribbons. I am still trying to figure this one out but it is driving me crazy.
  6. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I am hoping this is something simple that I am overlooking. Thanks for any help, I am totally stumped. I am trying to get LOR to recognize my PixLit Pixcon 16 MkII Smart Controller. I have ran this system for 2 years but this year the LOR software will not allow me to configure it. I am running my lights on a stand alone desktop with no internet or other networks connected to it. A static IP address, and an ethernet switch to my control board I am currently running LOR version 4.3.34. I uninstalled this version, loaded version 4
  7. Does anyone have a regular sequence of Carol the Bells by Pentatonix. Large channel count preferred but any channel count will do. Thanks Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  8. If still sharing, may I get a copy? Thanks Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  9. If these three are still available for sharing, I would like to get a copy of them also. Been looking for Hallelujah for some time now. Thanks Kevin my email is lorchristmas@gmail.com
  10. Hi Paul L Johnson, are you still sharing frosty? If so would it be possible to get a copy also? I have been wanting to do this song. Thanks in advance. Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  11. Mega Arch, If you are still sharing, I would love to get a copy for the reg lor also. Thanks in advance. Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  12. If any are still sharing this one I would like a copy please. Thanks in advance. Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  13. just wondering if anyone has an old standard sequence for frosty the snowman by jimmy durante that they would be willing to share? I want to do this song but just don't have the time to do a complete original sequence. I wish to adapt one to my setup, this would take less time to do. Thanks to all in advance. email: lorchristmas@gmail.com Kevin
  14. I am looking for Pentatonix Hallelujah sequence that anyone is willing to share. I want to do this one but am having a little trouble trying to get ideas of how to start. I just want to try to get some inspiration to get me going. Thanks. Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  15. got an email address, I'll send you my version if you would like Kevin
  16. I would love to see it. my email is lorchristmas@gmail.com Thanks Jim Kevin
  17. I was just reading this thread and would like a copy of pentatonix Hallelujah if anyone is still sharing. Thanks Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
  18. Hi, If you are still sharing the Grinch, may I get a copy also? Thanks in advance. Kevin email: lorchristmas@gmail.com
  19. If you are still sharing I would like to get the 3 minute version. You do great work and seem to love Disney! Just like my wife and I. Thanks very much. Kevin lorchristmas@gmail.com
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