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  1. Lots of changes in the RC World. I used to fly them all the time but with a 2 yr old, its getting tough to find time. I'm down to 1 Helicopter and 1 Plane. Plus moving from Orlando to Buffalo cuts the flying days in half.
  2. I fly RC Helicopters and RC Planes. 🛩️ 🚁 LOR is a new hobby I'm looking to get into.
  3. Does anyone know the timeline of the summer sale? Is it early summer? If I miss this sale I would have to wait till next year Thanks, AJ
  4. Facebook! Didn’t think about that. I’m just starting out I got the lights just need the LOR equipment.
  5. I just saw the email in my junk folder 😒
  6. So annoyed I missed the sale. I signed up for email notifications but I guess it didn't go though. Guess i'll have to wait longer 🤬
  7. Hello, I have 2 Questions: Do you make your own extension chords? While doing research I found you can get a spool of wire and connectors How do you waterproof your plugs? most of mine will probably under a layer of snow Thanks, AJ
  8. One more question should I get dimmable lights?
  9. Thanks for the advice. Gotta get to the store this weekend for lights
  10. Hello, What kind of lights do you recommend? I have zero equipment, thinking of going with one of the ShowTime Central Starter Package. Planning to go out light shopping after holidays to find some sales. Thanks, AJ
  11. I move to Grand Island, NY from Orlando, FL last year (big change I know). We just got a house last year. I was always fascinated with these lights I see on YouTube. So here I am doing some research. 😁
  12. Hello, I'm very interested in this. I'm from WNY, I'm curious to see if anyone from the snowy states runs a show. If you have a video to your show I would love to see it as well. Thanks, AJ
  13. I was watching some YouTube and ultimately found this site a couple of days ago. I have a few questions: Can I use existing LED xmas lights? I have some that are single color and some that I can control the color. While running the show does my pc need to be hooked up to the controller? What is the LAN Cable for? Thanks, AJ
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