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    I love decorating for Christmas. I do a light show and I design, draw and cut (on Maslow cnc), and paint Christmas Yard cutouts. I also enjoy 3d design and printing.
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  1. I bought the Falcon F16 and I am currently trying to learn the system. I have two strands of lights connected and I am trying to inject power at the end of the second and the second is not turning on. I also am trying to do a color wash test and the green is illuminating as red, blue is illuminating as green, and red is illuminating as blue. I don't know why it is doing this wrong. Update: I needed to change the addressing mode to universe/start channel. That seemed to fix all of the problems. I’m not sure why I had a color issue but it is resolved as well.
  2. I am trying to learn how smart nodes work and it is over my head. This is what I am thinking. I will compare it to the network in a house. A house is wired with Ethernet throughout the house. You have the data travel through the network and can connect a computer through that same data cable at any point. The power is separated so each computer is essentially limited to one plug each. DATA I am thinking that it doesn’t matter how many nodes I connect together on the network. For instance, I can jump from one window to the next window if they are close together. I am limited by the power for that run. And I guess the layout of the nodes is done on the computer? POWER I don’t how many nodes one power supply can power Do I push the power through the falcon pixel controller? I am guessing that I will need several power supplies. If I am pushing further down the line do I need to close a loop and create a new loop with another power supply or are you able to inject power on one line with different power supplies. I know you will wreck anything if you cross alternate currents on an ac system but I really don’t know much about a DC system that is from different sources.
  3. I plugged them in backwards and didn’t realize until after I recorded it. I went back and swapped them out. You have a great eye though.
  4. You guys have me really debating this dumb vs smart. I am looking at just doing my outline of the house. I am estimating about 56 different strands of strips. I’m guessing in the neighborhood of 10,000 led nodes. It will be about 36 strips at 5 m each. These will be different lengths but it will be a total of 7 dumb rgb controllers at $210 and I am currently running solid core Cat5 to each connection point. I will also need 7 power supplies. I planned to run power over the cat5. I know that the strands are about the same price as the strips. I need to know what I would need for the smart rgb. Is one falcon player at $200 enough to run all the strands for the entire house. How many power supplies would I need as well? What else would I need to run the lights. I just need a starting point
  5. The cnc would be great to cut it out. The holes for the cutouts would be better done by a drill. A template can be cut out and used to drill a lot faster. But I don’t know how many of the same you are planning to do Do you have the patterns drawn in svg format?
  6. Are you cutting the shape out of the coro and then drilling or are you leaving them as a square shape?
  7. Yeah. The hub ended up being the way to fix it. I did switch out the sd card as well.
  8. Of course I could cut coroplast. My CNC is set up to cut 3/4 in birch plywood. It would be nothing to cut through plastic. I would have to test and see how to slow it down so it cuts instead of melting the coroplast. But we have guys in that community that have cut plexiglass. I just did a quick google search and it turns out low speeds and a particular bit is all I need to cut it. I would have to go buy some and do some tests. What did you have in mind? It would also be great to be the first in that realm to use the Maslow CNC for cutting Coro.
  9. I understand the frustrations. I guess I see things a little different. My last comment only related to things that I create. I share things with the expectation that anything can happen to it. However, I don’t search out if someone is trying to profit from my work. I think this is why I don’t too worried about what happens after I share it. For example, I needed clips to hang my RGB strips up so I created them in cad. I openly shared the file to the world. The way I look at it is that I needed it so I created it. I shared it so someone else can benefit from it too. I do that because I have freely downloaded files to print that someone else created. It keeps the cycle going. The way I look at it is that I no longer needed the file after I finished it but someone else might need it later. I feel that my work will not compare in a trading situation. You guys are geniuses with sequencing and have years of experience. I will join the trading by offering up what I create. Please don’t stop sharing with me. I may request some work and use it as a sort of beat channel to create my own shows from (so I can create faster). I may also use it as a learning tool to see how you guys use the lights with the music. You guys have been an inspiration to this community so thanks for all that you do. I have five kids and I am a paramedic. My spouse is a respiratory therapist. I typically don’t have much time to work on sequencing which is why you guys have bailed us out the last couple of years.
  10. I want to add to this. I really don’t want to see you guys stop. I would have never attempted a show if you guys didn’t share your sequences. Last year, I built my show almost exactly like Sarge’s show so it would match up better. This year, I am attempting to get into dumb RGB. My daughter is old enough to learn it and we will learn this together. I am big into CNC and 3d printing. I have a rule that I never sell anything of mine. I give away all of my creations freely to push the advancement of that technology. I actually created a method for making a particular CNC draw out images and then cut. I was approached by Maker for my development and I gave them all of the technology for free. Last year, I created cutouts for people to print a singing bulb, tree and pumpkin. That is shared for free on this site. I understand that you guys don’t want your stuff sold or misrepresented. But please don’t step back because of this. I honestly would not have attempted this if it wasn’t for you guys. I believe that you guys keep this community alive. I believe that your work has got someone to set up a show and spread the Christmas spirit. Your sharing doesn’t just get that one person involved, but it gives that entire neighborhood joy. Your work has touched millions of lives. I used your shows for the last two years and I have had hundreds of people watch your show play out on my house. Please don’t stop what you are doing. I love you guys for everything you have done for me and for Christmas. My neighbors are grateful for everything that you have done. And my family is grateful for what you have done. Don’t let this bring down your attitude toward sharing your work. We will share whatever we create as well. It will not be anything that compares to your work but it will be shared to anyone that may find it useful.
  11. This was sequenced by my daughter who is in 9th grade. This was her first attempt at sequencing. We only have 6 strands of dumb RGB strips in the sequence for a total of 18 channels. Please ignore the bad video quality. I recorded it from my car. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am not musically inlined so I just sequence off the wave forms. However, she can play several intruments and can break down the music into different parts. Thank you and Happy Easter. Here is the link to the files. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r5ltxwxqkzkeznp/AACfTMmGSpuz8v7n5Q90NK94a?dl=0
  12. I got the 3d printer up and running. I designed a clip with onshape. Here is the link. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/c7d2ec1c03505a501a629ee8/w/5eaa7e802bd876e7d8599969/e/2cc5d29083353d0b5eb3fc65 I tried to print 20 at a time and I had adhesion issues. I ended up printing one that was 100mm tall and cut it down to size on a band saw. The clips fit like a glove on the edge of the soffit. I had to add a couple of feet to one strand. I don’t see any issues with any colors except when it’s all white. I see some diming on the end. That strand terminates next to a really short strand. Can I jump the V+ from that strand to the end of the other, or will that burn something up. Here is a quick view of it just cycling through colors. I’ll upload a little sequence for Easter soon. Thanks for your help.
  13. Also Paramedics and Respiratory Therapist. Paramedics are treating these patients in the most dangerous uncontrolled environments. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease, and respiratory therapists are the ones keeping these people alive. Please don’t forget about these other people. All the props always go to nurses, doctors, and firefighters.
  14. Thank you for your help. I honestly am going back and forward on the smart vs dumb. I like the old school look and I really don’t want to switch to smart rgb. I just want the aesthetics of a single stranded light but adding the variations of colors. I actually would be fine with standard lights but I didn’t want to spend the money on all the different colors to get the effect that I want. Thanks for the heads up on soldering. I have soldered, and I have watched hours of video. But I have only soldered with a $5 soldering iron without any switches. I may actually be ok at soldering if I spend the money on a nice set up. That may be what I need to invest in and retrain on a decent setup. I still need advice on how to power inject. I plan to 3d print some clips this weekend to hang the lights up on the roof line and do an Easter Animated show. However, my extruded feeder broke so I am pushed back a few days. Thanks again guys for your help.
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