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  1. Is there a place to buy one or a tutorial? I bought my songs so I'm not really sure how to do it.
  2. Can someone help me with my 16 CCR tree? I have 5 songs running, but would like some static lights or twinkling lights that I can keep on even when the music and songs go off, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. How can I add twinkling lights or something to keep on when I end my 16 CCR mega tree show? I would like to have lights on after my show so I can keep it lit later into the night. Thanks!
  4. Is it ok to light up this tree if it is pouring rain outside? wasn't sure with the connectors if I should wait until it is dry out. Thank you!
  5. Just had a HUGE mishap. The tree started falling as it was going up. very windy today. The star was swaying a lot and started to bend the pole, had to take it down. My husband was afraid it would come flying down and hurt someone. I have to shorten it. Can you tell me how far apart the lights are spaced on the CCR. I can't tell which part are the lights. I have to take a total of 3 feet off of the whole thing to make it more manageable. Is it best to evenly take lights off of the top and bottom or just not use the lights on the bottom for the sequences to work. Thank you.
  6. Thank you JR. Hope it have it up and lit tomorrow !
  7. The clamps were too big and not securing the poles, we are redoing them now. are the plugs on the CCRs ok outside without being connected to the controllers? Or should I go out and connect them before the tree is erected. I don't see the tree being put up tonight because I don't have enough help to stand it up until tomorrow. Thanks for you suggestions
  8. Can you tell me how you attached that cross piece to secure the 16 poles . I can't figure out how to do it. Thanks!
  9. Couldn't get the tree out of the basement without taking it apart, did that, put it back together, zip tied the lights back on. How do you attach the cross beam to keep the CCRs evenly spaced? Also I couldn't stand it up on my own. Waiting for today for my 3 sons to be here to do it.
  10. Is it ok to put my controller and Mini director on my front porch and should they be in a bin or covered with trash bags? Wasn't sure if they would get too hot in there. I have the Pixi16 running a ccr tree and a regular 16 controller for the 6 channel star on top so these 2 have to be near the tree, but I can put the mini director any place. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I bought a similar star from Superstar with the drop down piece for attaching the conduits with the CCRs attached. Do you put the ribbon lights all of the way to the top of the pole so the middle of them is a bit higher than the light strips on the ends? Just want to make sure the lights aren't attached so they are straight across. Will the sequences look right with them arched in the shape of the star? Thanks!
  12. I just created a show and put it on a SD card. I was using Hardware Utility LOR MP3 tab. Before exiting it, is there a way to save this same show to my computer so I don't lose it. And if I decide to run it from my laptop instead? Thanks in advance. Still putting together my 17 foot tree for the 16 CCRs. As soon as I get the lights on them I will see if it all works.!
  13. after creating show, how many ports do I click off? next to SD card is for a generation 3 or newer, it says number of ports.... I am using the pixi16 and one additional controller to control the 6 channel star
  14. Is it ok to open each sequence on sequence editor and save them to the desktop so I can find them
  15. Hi JR, When I open the HU and click LOR MP3 and ADD SEQUENCE, IT says can't find them. Not sure where they are. I have the songs in the audio and saved each sequence in Sequence Editor. Thanks
  16. Thank you. Any way to have the CCR tree just twinkling with different colors or just solid red or clear when the show ends? I can only play it to about 830 p,m. Would like to have it lit up afterwards without the music.
  17. thank you, I will try to find them. I saved the songs in audio for LOR and saved the sequences somewhere? LOL So new to this. Hoping next year is easier.
  18. Hi JR, Got all of the sequences done and my tree is just about ready to go outside, Waiting for the sleeve in the ground to harden up with qwick concrete. For the show, how do I put the sequences on the SD card? When I clicked Simple Show builder my sequences were not there? Do you have a simple way to do this? I am using the S4, Thank you!
  19. I finally got some songs done for a 16 ccr tree. I am using S4. Am I supposed to use the Show Editor or simple show builder or the Hardware Utility to get my sequences on a SD card to use in the mini director? The SD card came with the Mini Director and has songs on it that I need to delete as well because they won't work with my CCR tree. All of the sequences are visible on the Visualizer, YAY that worked! Thanks!
  20. Hi Dennis, how are you putting your tree up? My husband is afraid the way I was thinking of putting mine up using a flag pole will be so heavy it will come toppling over and could hurt someone? are you using conduit or rope to attach the lights?
  21. I just got some from them, they look amazing on the visualizer. I don't have my tree up yet, but it should be really nice.
  22. Would anyone want to share a sequence for Winter Wonderland for a 16 channel tree with a star? I bought the song from Amazon already. Thank you!
  23. Jr, I would love to have this oldie as well. I don't need signing faces, but just the seqences to run on the tree once I get it set up. Finally got the SE and the visualizer working with all of your help!! Thank you,,, hope it works on the lights when my son helps me this week get it set up. rondariley62@gmail.com
  24. Would anyone happen to have sequences for a tree only with 16 ccrs and 6 channel star for these 2 songs ? Christmas Vacation and Amazing Grace by Yule. I would really appreciate it. Thank you! and Merry Christmas! My email is rondariley62@gmail.com
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