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  1. I have a 16 channel Pro I just got and I went though the hardware setup last night and all was great doing that test(on,off, fade in), but in sequence editor, it’s not lighting my lights when I play the sequence. The Controller is giving a no comm error, but I keep going back to the hardware test and it turns off and on the lights. What step am I missing?
  2. I got a few sequences from some kind folks out there, but most are for 64 channels. So I am going though them and coping and pasting into a new sequence for me. However, I am finding that I can’t copy and paste a lot of the channels. In some I can copy channel x but not y. Can you help me? I have basic plus software.
  3. Hi there. I just bought my first controller and will be setting up a Halloween show in a state park campground for a few nights only to help them raise money for the state park Does anyone have any 16 channel Halloween sequences they would share? I’m making a couple on my own, but need more then I have time to make. Can you help me out? If you have more channels(32/64) I’ll trim them. Just trying this out and getting my feet wet this year hallolights@comcast.net Thanks!!!! I greatly appreciate it!!!!
  4. Oh man, I need this, it’s my scouts favorite song!! Hallolights@comcast.net Thanks!
  5. Can I also get a copy of some of the Disney shows? I greatly appreciate it. This is my first year. Hallolights@comcast.net
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