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  1. Awesome work! I would love a copy if you are still sharing! kevin.r.dougherty1@gmail.com Thank you! Kevin
  2. Would love to have a copy for a New Years sequence! Thank you in advance! Kdough11@yahoo.com
  3. Interested!!! kdough11@yahoo.com - thanks in advance!
  4. dibblejr, would you mind sharing one more time!?! kdough11@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!
  5. **In the original post, I put channels from the main controller and pixie16. That should read outputs from each controller vice channels. Sorry for the confusion!
  6. I will look at getting the two pixie16's. The complete package ones from LoR come with 16 strands so that will give me some room to grow over the next year. And you are correct, I was using the channels/outlets interchangeably, I'll edit the original post to make it less confusing.
  7. Thanks! I didn't think about the possible problems with distance but it may be easier then to use the pixie16 ready to go kit for the mega tree then buy a few pixie4's or pixie8's to spread across the yard. I was pairing everything in groups of 4 per the website so that change should be an easy one. Off the top of your head, do you know how far I can have the cables running from the pixie controller to the props before I have to worry about distance issues? Appreciate the help! Kevin
  8. Thanks for the feedback! I will look at building the pixel tree with a pixie16. I was looking at the kit from the LoR website and that is what it came with. But the 16 would leave some room for growth. Once I get everything in, I will definitely reach out for some help...I am sure I will need it! Thanks, Kevin
  9. Hi! I am looking to take my Christmas lights to the next level this year and have mapped out what I think I will need. My intention is to have 16 channels running incandescent and LEDs on the main house, a pixie16 running four arches, four pixel trees, and four snow flakes, and lastly, a pixie8 running a pixel tree kit from Low. Below is the breakdown I am looking at right now...am I missing anything? Would like to have: Lights on roof lines (4 channels from main) Lights on windows (4 channels from main) Four arches (4 channels from pixie16) Four Pixel trees (4 channels from pixie16) Four snowflakes (4 channels from pixie16) One mega tree (8 channels from pixie ? Remaining channels Main – 8 – need to decide where on the house to put these... Pixie16 – 4 Pixie8 – 0 Will need: TSO ShowTime Central Starter Package – 559.95 - Will only control incandescent bulbs or led’s ShowTime Central with miniDirector and FM Transmitter ShowTime Designer Standard License USB Adapter and USB filtered cable 30 Amp ReadyToGo 16 channel light controller 50' Cat5 cable to connect Director and light controller TSO Signature Series SD Show Card Pro level license Pixie16 12V 16x50 Bullet Pixel Package– 499.95 Arches – (approx. $60 for four from Boscoyo) - Using large arch - $6 o 3'-2" tall and 6'-2" wide o 2" pixel spacing o 50 pixel/RGB Nodes per completed arch (the arch segments have 51 holes total) - Will need: o ½ inch pvc pipe – 10’ – $2.20 at lowes o ½ EMT or metallic conduit – $6’ – 3.52 at lowes o 2x ½ inch PVC Tees - $6.03 at lowes (5 pack) o 2x 1.25 inch self-taping screws. - use 4x 50 led strands from pixie16 kit Mega Tree - $419 - LoR Black pixel tree kit o Comes with pixie8, hardware, and lights Large Pixel Tree ($88 for 4 on Boscoyo) - Each tree has 85 nodes - Will require 4 outputs from pixie16 - 4x 50 bulb strands o May require 4 additional to fully fill out tree and star - Large 180 Mini Tree Coro - $22 each o Take 50 bulbs each - ChromaFlakes Prong Pack - $42 for one on Boscoyo) - Includes 4 snow flakes - 48 nodes per flake
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