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  1. What is your street address so I can send people your way. I will not be doing a display this year I broke my hand and cannot do any work on the roof.
  2. Would like to have a copy please. nillaplum@gmail.com Thank you.
  3. Just discovered this song, love to have a copy. Would be a nice change to all of the Christmas songs. nillaplum@gmail.com THANK YOU!
  4. Would like to have this sequence for my Christmas show, Thanks
  5. Would love to have this sequence, would be a great addition to my Christmas display. Thanks BJ nillaplum@gmail.com
  6. God Bless The USA Armed Forces Medley would be a great addition to my 2019 Christmas show. I would appreciate a copy. nillaplum@gmail.com Thanks
  7. i I would enjoy a copy please nillaplum@gmail.com Thank you
  8. I would love to have a copy of I Can Only Imagine for my 2019 show Thanks------- nillaplum@gmail.com
  9. Went by to see GriswoldStyle's show and unfortunately the HOA placed limestone boulders across the vacant lot across the street from the show. This severely limited the excellent parking that GriswoldStyle needs for people to view his show. This was a cowardly chicken sh** act from the HOA especially just four days before Christmas. This restricts parking and keeps visitors from seeing one of the best light shows in Citrus County, FL. I sincerely hope that the County has the HOA remove the boulders and allows the visitors safely park.
  10. Love this and would be perfect with my display, share at nillaplum@gmail.com many thanks to you.
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