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  1. How do I set up a timer for my mini director and 4 light controllers ? Tried unplugging controller 1 and it's still running then controller 1 and 2 mini director still has power and is running controllers 3 and 4
  2. Can I get a copy plz nice job djenksjr.dj@gmail.com
  3. id like a copy plz djenksjr.dj@gmail.com thanks
  4. anyone have a good 5 channel arch sequence for Mariah Carey all I want for Christmas is you I can have to use ? no pixels djenksjr.dj@gmail.com
  5. can I get a copy James no pixels djenksjr.dj@gmail.com
  6. can I get a copy James no pixels djenksjr.dj@gmail.com
  7. can I get a copy James no pixels djenksjr.dj@gmail .com
  8. A copy would be great. No pixels djenksjr.dj@gmail.com
  9. Thank you so much James Morris for the jump start on my understanding how the important tools work . I'm feeling much more at ease building a show I can be proud of this year. Hopefully I'll be able to help others out one day as you have done for me
  10. Can I get a copy of this no pixels djenksjr.dj@gmail.com
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