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  1. Glad your experience is better this time.
  2. I would like to see a small Matrix for the mouth only. Think of the possibilities. Dennis
  3. That looks closer to what I want. Yes, send me the file. want to see the difference. I know that limits my opinions, but these use to be dumb RGB but the controllers are bad, so it was easy and cheaper to convert them to pixels. Right now they work as pixels but would like to have them work as 5 pixels in unison, just like having 5 dumb RGB LED's in each star. Having them work individually you cannot see the effects as the pixels are inside the stars and the blending of the colors is hard to see. Thanks
  4. Matt: I did that in the 2018 display. After converting the stars and tried to use the Motion Effects, the preview Motions window looks like 5 strings of 10 stars randomly placed in the motion view window. The Display Preview Window is not affected by this. Dennis
  5. I have 10 Coro Stars that for several years as dumb DMX controllers, each Star had a three channel controller and all chained together that made 30 channels. The controllers started to fail and decided to convert them to Pixels. Installed 5 pixels per Star and reconfigured the Stars to pixels with 5 pixels per Star. This worked out great and the Stars look good in the preview window. Now my problem is if looking at it in the Motion window, instead of 10 Stars I get 50 Stars in groups of 10 in different places in the Motion Window. I would like to have 10 Stars with a pixel in each point or each Star with 5 pixels configured as one unit, not 5 pixels working independent. Do I have to delete theses Stars as they where originally used as DMX, and make new ones as pixels. If so what prop should be used.
  6. I have seen that also. Only do Saves.
  7. Does the bad string have a module on the string before the LED you tested? You can have one or two modules per string, which do you have? The module may be bad.
  8. Used S5 this year for the first time. Had to learn a lot in 1 month. Last year used Xlights . Same sequences and I can say that S5 did a much better job on the sequences. Also was 100% wireless IP's. Love both changes.
  9. Brian is right, S5 and Superstar work well together in breaking up the elements. Trick I just learned is bring a blank element into Superstar and open one of your existing Superstar files for this song and see what you get to work on that element. I have imported my 4 Circles.sup file into my 4 arches and have a sequence good enough to make changes with and not have to start clean each time. Just a thought
  10. Yes, it works fine on the programming computer. What kind of programs did you have to install after the reset? I will live with using the Cloud this year. it is not that big of problem. You could lose all your power.
  11. OK, understand about the E1.31 setup. Been working with someone on the Audio issue. He says you need to use the X86 Media Player, this seem to be an issue on the show computer. Yes I have the X86 media player, but I cannot assign it to play the audio, it goes back to Groove. We tried several times and Win 10 just will not let X86 media player to come up. I can just by clicking on the MPlayer file but that's it. I am stumped. BTW: we used Teamplayer so he could see what is going on.
  12. 1. In setting up my E1.31 channels assignments on one of my props. I have an overflow of 90 channels, but no way in the setup to assign them to another universe. How do you add and overflow is the prop setup? 2. Using 2 computers with S5, one computer does all the sequencing and have all my files in Dropbox, can see them on computer 2, which will run my show, but for some reason get a error that the audio file cannot be found trying to run the show. Checked that the folders are there and everything looks OK. Does S5 support a cloud folder?
  13. Take your transmitter inside and let it cool down to room temperature and try it again. Had a EDM transmitter that did like temps about 90 degrees, but worked well for many seasons, not in late summer or early fall.
  14. What part of Tennessee do you live? I have built many years ago and maybe could spot what is happening.
  15. Same here, Val & Gray was one of my first and favorite people suppliers many years ago. Sad to hear this news.
  16. Its apparent you did not read the manual closely. A CCR is a 50 pixel device, but LOR has the controller set for 157 channels. The first 150 are the pixels and the 7 remaining are the macro commands. They are assigned to that device and cannot be used to control another device unless you want some funky lighting. i have used CCR's since 2008 and understand how to make them work either in LOR or DMX. Read page 7 again in the CR150D manual.
  17. You cannot do that, the Macro Channels will always be there and cannot be disable. Start the next CCR @ 160 or 161.
  18. You have to define where pixel 1 position, in Xlights it is either top (12 o`clock) or bottom (6 o`clock), The circles need to be a 9 o`clock. That why the 90 degree rotation was added. S5 will show you the pixel numbers in the prop but i cannot see that in Xlights. I am still getting use to both programs and all the changes.
  19. I want to thanks everyone for all the input. DMX I understand, been using it since 2009. One of the first to tout the benefits of DMX over other protocols. First DMX was the IDMX-1000. After writing the last post here, it started me thinking again and really started looking at the problem a different way. The S5 Superstar .lee file was fine, had 2 .lee files and they had the same information. Checked a sequence to make sure what the effects are correct. Started S5 and checked the setup for the circles. As I was the first person to make the circles (For Brian) I knew the proper configuration needed for the sequences. Checked and it was right. opened the sequence and it looked fine. I do have an issue with displaying the 4 circles horizontally correctly in S5, it goes uphill slightly as the rotate does not give me an option to make small increments. Yes, my setup was correct. Started Xlights and checked that the circle configuration was the same as S5 and it was, I used "Bottom Outer CW" and rotated it 90 Deg., imported the sequence and it was wrong. Next decided to change the circle configuration just to see if it made a difference, this time selected "Top Center Outer CW" and left the rotation at 90 Deg. This time the sequence ran correctly, looked at a couple more sequences and they where good also. In XLights I had changed my setup for the circles to Univ. 2 for Circles 1, 2 and 3, and Univ. 3 for Circle 4. Made no difference either way as it should not. So the setup is different between LOR and Xlights, can anyone confirm this also.
  20. Yes, I did all of that. First item was taking my S4 Channel configuration and delete everything except the two props I wanted to use. The Network setup was simple. One prop (Univ. 1) for dumb RGB strings. The next 4 Universes (2-5) where the 4 Circles. I know this is not the best use of Universes, just needed to make it work fast. and had my parts on order to build this quickly. Did test the old files in S4 and looked fine, but don't hold me to that, 3 years has past since my last display and the S/W has greatly changed. I think it has something to do with Superstar setup as it ties the 4 Circles with a known configuration in S4, but this has me confused how this works.
  21. Was in a hurry last year to get something up and running. With 2 weeks before Christmas it was finished. The display only was 4 CCR Circles. Not really taking time to look at the sequencing, some of the effects looked odd, to cold to really stay out and watch. After taking down the small display I started looking at the sequences in Superstar, S4 & 5 and Xlights. Superstar looked fine and studied the sequences to find which effects I could rely on knowing what they looked like. Went to S4 & S5 and they where wrong, same with Xlights. Discovered that by reversing the DMX universe numbers fixed the problem. What I do not understand is why and how to fix it. Many of these sequences are from Superstar this year and some from 2009 I already had. The 2009's worked properly with the known Universe Numbers in 2009 but not his time. I set it up as Universes 2-5 with left Circle 1 as Univ. 2, etc, as it should be, but it really came out to be for Circle#1 as Univ. 5. The relationship between the programs is confusing, I did try importing the SS files into both programs and made no difference. BTW: I did check the channel assignment in S4/5 first to make sure it was 2-5 and not 5-2.
  22. I am back in the game again. If time permits will be there also. Having an issue with LOR imports into Xlights.
  23. Unit #3 starts at 64-72. You leave 56-63 open or can be used on an 8 channel controller or device.
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