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  1. jjd35 I don't do a Halloween display, but I like it and think it would be a great song to sequence! I could picture singing faces to do the vocals. Go for it!
  2. Emmien, Not barn doors but this was my fix when I was looking and couldn't find them. Last season I used LOR 10w Floods to light up 8 figures in a life size white coro Nativity scene, and I was having problems with the colors "bleeding" over onto other figures within the Nativity. After looking and not finding barn doors for the floods I ended up using black coro and made my own barn doors. Now they may not look professionally made, don't worry no one will see them... you're just looking to get the effect. I used duct tape to attach them to the floods and it worked great! I know that r
  3. Chris, Once you setup the E682 cluster for DMX you can use all four (4) outputs of that cluster. With regards to the CTB16PC it should be the same, once you get that into DMX mode. Paul
  4. Hey Chris, I did something similar last Christmas for my display and hopefully this will help you. I used 4 LOR CMB24D's daisy chained in DMX mode that controlled 32 RGB floods. The distance from the E682 to the first CMB24D was about 20 feet with no lag or loss of effects. I also used 4 LOR Cosmic Color Bulbs/Controllers with a "cross over network cables" in DMX mode from another E682. These were not daisy chained, so I had 4 separate runs of cat5 from the E682. The longest distance was a little over 50 feet with no lag or loss of any effects. Paul
  5. Hey Jim, That's ironic because I was thinking the same about some type of "friendly wager" too! Unfortunately, my display is broken down and packed away. I hope you enjoy the game... I'll be watching it at work, so have a "cold one" for me. Paul
  6. Hey Jim, I have to start off by saying that you did an excellent job sequencing, and as "arw01" said about using the mega tree for the scores was a great idea! But............. Being from New England actually Rhode Island I have to support my (deflated) Patriots (balls). Good luck to your team my friend! Paul
  7. Running 5 - E682's and 2 - E6804's and have no problems or issues with them. So happy with them, that this year I will be adding 4 more E682's. I think that you will be very satisfied with them. Plus if you run into problems there is always someone on the forum's that will help you out. Good luck!
  8. Hi Roberta, "listentoourlights" has an awesome video series on YouTube about sequencing, one which includes a "how to" on tracks. The series run from "Light-O-Rama Sequencing Tutorial 1 Breakdown" thru Tutorial 4. The "how to" on tracks is in Tutorial 3 "Making it fast and easy". Hope that helps you. Paul
  9. Hello, bktalon... fellow New Englander! Could I jump in too and get a copy? bullets@cox.net Thank you!
  10. Hey Scott, I'm kinda in the same boat as you... Could you please post the wire configuration of the CCB? Which is the " +, D, Clk, and G". I assume the "G" is the ribbed wire. Thanks, Paul
  11. OMG... What a sequence!!!!!!! Dave, your sequences just keep getting better and better. The talent that you illustrate in your work is amazing!
  12. WOW!!! That's some serious workmanship. Very nice.
  13. Chris, How many do you need... I believe I have some extra ones... the same clip Don is showing you. In fact, if memory serves me correct, I think I bought them from Don a few years back. Let me know. Paul
  14. Thank you everyone... I have one being sent to me. Ya know, after posting my request and seeing the responses... whether it was: "Dang, all I have is the 4 conductor type. Sorry can't help" "I may have one. I will look tomorrow..." "Holiday Coro still sells the 5' here" "I do have extra... just PM me the name and address..." "I have 3 pin female in 13.5 mm... PM your address and I drop them in the mail tomorrow" "I definitely have them too" Oh, and I can't forget "Just send me a round trip 1st class airplane ticket and I will hand deliver it". LMAO It proves to me that there are truly g
  15. Thanks bwhitehead... it looks like you may be the only one out there with one... I'M HOPING!!!!! Feel free to shoot me out a PM either way.
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