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  1. Hi Jim, Can you tell me what re-compress sequences is? I was loading an auto sequence Superstar into a sequence and it made the program crash. When I booted the program back up my preview went back to a old preview version from last year. I had a copy of the 2020 preview, dumb me deleted the "weird old version" and now I'm having huge issues. Any help? I may have to ask the LOR help desk.
  2. The only instructions I can find for using Queen Mary plug ins from Audacity is for Xlights. I've downloaded the plug ins but it won't enable in Audacity. I can't find any information to use for LOR. Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to get better beat/timings for my displays. Thanks Janet
  3. My neighbor loves my light show so much that he asked me to include his house into my show this year. Yikes - I"m just learning how to program pixels. This was my first year with 16CCR tree.
  4. Drew Hickman is AWESOME. He knows his stuff and is extremely helpful. I just so sad I can't make the expo. 😞 Family cruise to Alaska. I'd rather be in his class.
  5. I would like a copy sent to Janet.triharder@gmail.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Long time LOR user and I always use for my private show only 🙂 thanks
  6. jphauck - what? I didn't realize LOR could build one from the inputs. Hum, may have to try that
  7. Thanks for your suggestion. I don't know if we have time to switch over to EMT conduit - but I'll ask hubby. Normally, every year I've done my light show - no wind. But it would be my luck, the first time with my CCR Tree there will be wind. When mounting the RGBs, is there anything I need to know so they line up properly for my display?
  8. Before I run down a rabbit hole, I want to ask, "How do you ensure that they pixels are aligned when attaching them to the top of the tree, all the way to the bottom?" I've spent all my time sequencing songs. Now I'm ready to install the tree. We've already attached boscoyo 12mm mounting strips to our "tree." Now we're ready to attached 16 white ribbon to the mounting strips. Are there any tips/tricks that anyone can share with me to make this process easier? Thought I'd ask the experts before I run into trouble. Thanks in advance Janet
  9. My I please get a copy - only personal - and just added this song to my Christmas show. Would be a great benefit. Janet.triharder@gmail.com
  10. could I get a copy? Janet.triharder@gmail.com
  11. Oh yeah! I thought it was me not understanding the S5 prop importing.
  12. May I please get a copy, Janet.triharder@gmail.com.
  13. Knowing that S5.1 was going to be released, the link on the announcement page still takes me to down load the demo, where's the "buy" site?
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