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  1. I see what you're saying, but if that were the case, then wouldn't this have happened much earlier? This is our fourth year, and this is the first year this has really happened.. Same controller (besides the replacement), same lights.
  2. Nope. Can do it on other channels, though. edit: clarity
  3. Both of the controllers that have been used (before replacement and after) are CTB16PC 16 channel controllers. I truly do think it's from my laptop, because I have no clue what else it could be. Unless it's the RS485 adapter, which I deem to be extremely unlikely, it has to be the laptop the show is ran on. Poor thing can barely boot..
  4. The only thing it could be is the computer... Unless, does excessive power draw from an outlet cause unexpected behavior?
  5. Well last night when I replaced the controller for the first time, the show ran near flawlessly for the rest of the night, as in the lights could fade. So I am pretty certain that the lights can still dim. Now, they are back to how they were last night post controller replacement, not dimming.
  6. Yes, I am positive they can dim, for they have in the past effortlessly. I'm really hoping its just due to, like I said, the laptop used to run the show is extremely old and is "faulty" in a way. edit: clarity
  7. A few channels in my show dont fade properly, if at all. I've tried replacing a controller, data cables, etc, and yet the channels either partially fade or are either on/off. Could it possibly be from the fact that the laptop running it is extremely old, or is it an electrical problem? Whats a man to do?
  8. have a group that contains 6 arches, yet in the preview only one is shown to carry the given effect. any tips?
  9. Ok, the title may be a bit confusing. Let's think of a sequence that has a song that has a guitar riff, and a section of the lights will follow that riff throughout the entire song. Now, let's say that the guitar riff fades in near/at the beginning of the song. Is there a way to have the main guitar riff light sequence continuously fade up whilst playing the same riff it will play throughout the sequence without having to go in and manually set the intensity for each cell? EDIT: Title
  10. Not entire too sure what caused this or how to revert it, but my RGB arch channels do not show any motion effect rows, even after adding them, and instead show each individual lights channel. https://gyazo.com/e36cf11f34be944264392f90ef7e309f ^ Each individual light channel https://gyazo.com/26d6558e7a9ee2cf779c505250c08f70 ^Motion effect rows shown, as should be Is there a setting of the sort that I may of accidentally messed with?
  11. Got it working! Honestly have no clue how, but apparently the two controllers were getting each others signals, and I just flipped the unit ID's around, and it worked! Anyways, thank you for helping --kennan
  12. Tried that and it screwed up my sequencer, so I just reverted it.
  13. I have gotten everything down to the pin, and yet the matrix still takes input from the first arch I have? I tried to look for any coloration between the two channels that are "conflicting", and I cant find anything in common.
  14. Pixie 8 for the 6 arches I have, pixie 16 for the 16-string pixel matrix.
  15. Sorta tying into a post I made a few months ago about the confusion with the start/end circuits, and here we are again. Ok, so I need help with assigning the unit ID's and start circuits to my pixel matrix (the first string of the pixel matrix) It is instead receiving data from my 2nd arch I have, and I see no coloration or reason of why so. Any help would be appreciated. Pixel screen prop definition window: https://gyazo.com/5dcbed875ec4f8ab42f1f9231c2afef9 Pixel screen prop definition of the arch that the string is taking data in from: https://gyazo.com/4c28a2f3b87f3d41472cc8b159ec01c8 --Kennan
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