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  1. J, all lites are leds yes. The controller CTB16PC V1 is four years old this year and was a kit ,I have built four so far, none of the others have this problem., it has worked fine for the last three years, well at least I think so. Last year we had an unusual amount of rain here in Fort lauderdale , one rain drop and it all shut down ,in all I missed about 9 days no show. I had a very hard time trying to figure out what was causing the shut down , now I think it was this one controller. The rain here is like a fire hose, everything was drenched last year . There I was with the leaf blow
  2. Mother Nature, what a GAL, I had 5- 8 foot artificial trees lit they looked great, then the monsoon hit. We have lived here 16 year and never seen it rain like that ,washed the lites off the trees, 18 inches of rain, the toilet in the master bath backed up from rain in the sewer. The the wind gezzzz bent two trees over at right angle bent the main poles. I have it all fixed ,the display is up ,the roof snowflakes are up ,I spent two days on the roof., got some bugs with one of the controllers but its working . Start date is Thursday 7PM Got couple of programs to touch up and hope for the
  3. WE have 6 16 channel ac controllers. The display is up and doing testing ,Saturday night things worked great. Sunday night things got weird. We have a lot of net lites some old some new this year. There are 32 sets on the big hedge 16 blue/16 multi, mated together, same for the hedges on the island on the drive way . Sunday night, as the sequence played the nets went on /off fine BUT when they dimmed they got about half way and started to flicker, that's when I started to flicker, it was late turned all off went in. Monday I thought maybe an AC problem. Three of the controllers including
  4. Easy , buy more lites, there always has to be a good reason ,and a place to put them ,just ask my husband, he lets me buy all the led lites I can hide ! David L Hardin DLH LITES
  5. I used DEOXIT D5 , it is a spray but I put it on a qtip and clean the RJ45 jacks and the RJ45 plugs, works great. I have used it for years on all connections in my audio system . Last year I had a controller going nuts , the main chip was a little lose, powered down took out the chip cleaned it, rebent it put it back in and worked like a champ. David DLH LITES
  6. Fort Lauderdale RAIN RAIN RAIN, then ETA blew and blew. Already had trees and props that got damaged spent last two days fixing things. WINDY, GEZZZZZ Had a nine foot art tree go down ,bent the main pole at the stand, had to fix that and then the 8.5 tree got the same bend. They are now in some serious bondage ,tied down in five places with wire and nylon rope ,and it's still windy here . A week ago it rained so hard it washed the lites off of two trees. WE have been here 16 years and it has never rained like this .golly. I have two wire cage trees that got bent badly ,that's my toda
  7. Started install but late for me . This year I have done a lot of DIY props and added three more 16 ch controllers , more to program. I am doing a special program as a salute to the folks we have lost to covid and to those dealing with it still, also for all the doctors ,nurses and first responders and to all the people that have done the "right " thing to keep us safe. I am using AAron Coupland's Fan Fare For Common Man as opening sequence. I have spent a lot of time fine tuning this sequence ,it has to be just right. In order to make the music/lites speak to the folks standing in fron
  8. Did I miss the post about 2019 ,has that happened yet? David
  9. Jay , all the controllers are LOR ac 16 channels that I built from the DIY kits . This year I will have 5 controllers, 80 channels, and two more controllers waiting for next year. All of the lites in the display are LED ,a large part of them came from thrift shops here in Fort Lauderdale, or from 50% off after Christmas sales. I do lot of diy. Our house is stucco so I had to make frames around each window to hold the lites . The big snowflakes came from the thrift shop and I replaced all the rope on them its was all new for 2019. Since I have been home for Covid I have made several things
  10. Jay go to Vimeo.com/ 382510454 that should work. If not let me know. The six foot snow flakes are done in pure white and also blue, with led rope from Val. David
  11. Jay, go to Christmas-LEDS.com speak with Val , she has incan and led. If I was doing I would replace with led, it dims great I have bought much led rope from her. Look at my display DLH LITES the roof snow flakes are her product. David
  12. Has there been any news on the 2019 contest or the summer sale,I need some wire and plugs -always- ! hehehe David
  13. A neighbor just built one from a you tube video, I will ask him for the link. It looked great. David
  14. Mich, I agree I got two (wanted more ,but sleeping in the garage is not a good time) and did the same, tested and IDed they are great, newer than the ones I built from kits . for the last three years . I took them apart and painted the enclosures white to match the others . I hang them on the front wall of the house behind the palm trees you cant see them from the street up against the stucco wall. Gezz now have to figure out what props I want to make and MORE LITES YEAH !!! The Christmas shop here was having a 50% off sale , I did get a bunch of new stuff but its over now. DANG ! I told my
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