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  1. I found out yesterday about "mad grab" on the Christmas Summit at the close. I also do not get emails from LOR. I do need couple of things but will have to fly in under the radar now that I am retired , sleeping in the garage is not an option. David
  2. Feel your pain ! We live on an very short street only six houses we are first house on one side , with yup a street lite right on our property. It's on the corner of our lot in our yard ,the only one on the street. Years ago when we bought the house we planted a palm tree very closed to the lite pole. As the years have gone by it has grown and the palm fronds do shade that side of our yard and drive way, along with the large stand of bamboo, we also planted there. There have been times when the lite has gone off and if we didn't call no one else would. 2020 mid show it went off, I was like WOW this is great, the show was amazing in the dark. I didn't call FPL, just to see what would happen. They came and fixed it two days later, I was sad cause the show looked so great . Yeah, wish I could switch it off but my neighbor who is a cop told me the food at the jail is awful. Basking in the lite !
  3. Our last lit nite was 01/21/21 The display had been on since Thanksgiving nite. The 20th Brian from LOBO Drones came and shot two hours of video in 4k HD and is editing now. Can't wait to see it. I finally managed to get it all down, boxed and labeled last week and this week we got a storage unit and it's all stored, what is not left in the garage ( I have to have something to play with). Yesterday , I was out front raking leaves and fixing broken sprinkler heads, when a very nice couple stopped by. They ask, where did it go ,the house looks naked. They also wanted to know if it was going to go up again, of course I said. The husband , with tears in his eyes said thank you so much ,your lites made our holiday, it's been a very hard time for us and this made us very happy. Thank you !!!!!! This has happened several times this year , that's why we do it ! I will post the video when it's finished. Get the shots, be safe and well ! All the Best for a safe and healthy spring /summer David and John
  4. Morning JR, I went to the LOR youtube page , all of those listed are from 2018 they match the videos on customer video selection on LOR site, the one there of mine is from 2018 last name Hardin, music by Lorrena McKennett its very near the end. I guess the my 2019 video didn't make the cut. Any way here it is take a look and let me know what ya think. VIMEO.COM/382510454 . I added a lot to this for this year , I am waiting for Brian from LOBO drones to do the editing ,once done I will post the video , I was too late to enter the contest for 2020. David
  5. JR, There still aren't any videos on the LOR site from 2019, unless I missed something. Got a lot more down and packed to day but still have 5 8 foot trees to take the lites off take down and pack, the roof snow flakes, and roof line. Just doing a little at a time . Got all the ext cords cleaned labeled and boxed. David
  6. John and I were finally able to get on a list here in Fort Lauderdale , they said about a month or if they have a new shipment they will call us. We are both high risk. WE went to a park here with a site for shots with no appointment , it ran out after about ten cars, the next morning the car line was 4 miles long , and they were all turned away, so we wait ! We don't go anywhere or see any one, I did wave at the folks that were watching the display. Last nite was the last for our display ,I had kept it going as a beacon of good hope during theses dark days. Lucky I did that ,the nite before Brian from LOBO drones was able to come and shoot about two hours of video of the display. I watched as he and his partner set up shots and flew the drone over the house up and down the street and other angles. They shot in 4k HD ,the monitor looked great. Once he has done all the editing I will post the link. Sad I missed the dead line for the LOR contest, they should extend it I think. HMMMMMM seems that only one winner was chosen from last year weren't there several levels ??? plus there haven't been any videos from 2020 released, some sort of a bump in the road. So today starts take down, I turned all the controllers off last nite at shut down, and brought in the computer from my work bench in the garage. One more cup of coffee and I will be out there pullin wires. All the best to everyone stay safe, get the shots. David and John
  7. we were able to get on a list here this morning, but its two weeks away or so , I am 71 and John is 69 , they said they would call if they had a opening for us we are only 3 min from site, I havent been out of the house, yard or off the roof since march after the 21st its back on the roof ! David
  8. Golly sounds like the prisons in Kentucky are leaking like a macrame diaphragm
  10. I had set Jan 6th as my end date , but that day I decided to run the show thru the 21ST as a beacon of hope(we were still having folks stop by) after the sadness of that day and the fact that we are still trying to deal with the covid 19 virus and getting the vaccines. Here in Florida we have been trying every day to get thru to make appointments ,the lines are jammed, some are lucky. We will keep trying ,they are doing folks over 65 which is us . Best Regards to All David
  11. I do NOT allow my show computer on the internet ,It's a windows 10 dell laptop, windows 10 updates have sent my laptop I use for house hold business into fits, I hate the fact that if I leave it on windows updates and just screws up every thing. There should be a button for people my age , 70 ,we can push to send windows a stop and desist message with all this update crap. IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT,GEZZZZ ! Nuff Said David
  12. We will be lit till the 6th of Jan, then I will start wrapping it up , still have folks coming by and on the neighbor hood web site wanting to know when it will stop as some folks have people coming in from out of town. Have a folks coming up from Miami tonight, cool. I will be ready and out there to say hello. David
  13. Just a thought, c9's across the gutter to match the ones on the ground then the 10 watt flood system ,some on front of upstairs where the red start is and then some flooding the roof from the gutter. I use the front of my house as the canvas , and the props in the yard to draw the eye. This next year I will be adding the 10 watt flood system to flood the front of the house to better the effect. Hey Just a thought . David
  14. OH gladly, mid November we had 18" in one 24 hour period , 50 MPH winds, bent three of the fake trees over broke the main poles, the rain was so strong it washed the lites off one tree , and this is suppose to be our dry season!!!
  15. This year our show had more traffic because of the news story. I am always outside to say hello and answer questions ,most people are nice and understand others want to see the show also, I do ask people not to stop smack in the front of the house and to turn their lites off. The other nite I had a guy in a very tricked out Jeep wrangler stop crossways of the street, blocking both ways I asked nicely if he could move so people coming into the neighborhood could get by, he politely told me where &^%*$# to go. So I went to the other cars and told them to hang on and I went in and shut it down. Didnt take long ,he left . I restarted. He hasn't been back,if I see him I will do same thing . Don't mess with a 70 year old yall !!!!! David
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