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  1. Has anyone tried this? Instead of wrapping the LEDs all around the PVC, this gentleman rips a single slot down the length of the PVC, then inserts the LEDs in single file down inside the length of the rip. I kinda like it because you might be able to use fewer lights and save more $$$$. 🙂
  2. Yup, needed to specially specify Pay Pal. Thanks LOR forum members!
  3. Thank you k6ccc, that fixed it! (I placed the sequences in the background tab). Hopefully my silly mistake here will help someone else.
  4. I just got my lights installed around my house and yard and fired up a show in LOR version 5.5.14. It literally started playing ALL 10 songs at the same time. Has anyone experienced this in version 5? It plays one song just fine. However, when I add two or more songs, whether I use the Scheduler or Show On Demand, it tries to play them all instead of one at a time. I thought it might have been version 5.5.14, so I downgraded to version 5.5.6 and I experience the same thing. Thanks, James
  5. I plan to attach my C7 bulbs to 1/2" PVC conduit with zip ties for quick installation and removal. When attaching around door and window frames, what clips would you suggest that are weather proof that I could leave up all year. Thanks, James
  6. Anyone have good luck with making 2 or 3 foot tall candy canes out of PVC or PEX? I have some really bright mini Lights from Holiday Light Express but that don’t shine through enough with a schedule 40 or 30 PVC pipe. I could try PEX but I have trouble forming it into the shape of a candy cane and holding that shape because it likes to coil. thanks, James
  7. Do any of you listen to Christmas songs during these times? I know quite a few of our members have display lights during this time. I have been listening to Christmas tunes On iHeartRadio on the weekends to help take the edge off a little. Just a curious question.
  8. You ever program a sequence to a song that you LOVED before sequencing it, only to ... not hate it, but not love it so much after sequencing? Just recently for me it's been Shake Up Christmas by Train. What's yours?
  9. While sequencing in S5, I realized that I left off the C7 CCBs that go around the garage door. I added them to my Preview Design and after opening up a sequence to view the new prop, I noticed I couldn't add any effects as it seemed to be locked with the row containing "crosshatches". I found out how to resolve it with this forum post (thanks Default) I was wondering if someone could tell me why this occurs? Thanks, James
  10. Last year, I designed my roof in S4 SuperStar with 16 channel CCBs. Now I'm trying to import them into my S5 Sequence Editor. My props around my roof are the connected line props. When I right click one of the line props, and then "Insert SuperStar Effect", SuperStar opens but just for one channel with the connected line prop ... which makes sense I guess. How can I import all 16 channels from SuperStar into my S5 Sequence Editor? James
  11. I recreated a SuperStar musical sequence, and copied over my sequences (after shortening them up a bit) into the new musical sequence. That fixed it.
  12. Hello, I'm trying to merge a couple files from SuperStar into my main sequence, and on doing so, I receive the error below. For version 4.3.26, is there a config setting I can use to ignore this? "Time Length of file FILE1.lms.ss.lid is different from time length of the file FILE2.lms.ss.lid. Failed to merge file FILE1.lms.ss.lid"
  13. What is the max length I can run my first cat5e cable from my desktop computer to my 1st controller? Thanks, James
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