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  1. Update: The help desk had me move jumpers around to reset the CTB. No luck. I am planning to get a rj11 to rj45 converter this week and some rj45 jacks as well. I will try the converter first, if that does not work I will ask LOR about warranty repair vs doing it myself. Thanks again for all the feedback. I have not moved any jumpers, but I would still love to know where they should be.
  2. I have not moved any jumpers, but I would still love to know where they should be.
  3. Hi Frank. Any ideas on repairing the cat 5 jacks?
  4. I am using S5. I have not seen a blinking pattern that you describe. I am still not able to get the HU to see the controller. Just sent in a help ticket to LOR. I will let you know if I find out anything useful. The g3 users manual does not list that blink pattern. Sorry I could not be of help.
  5. Not with a tester. But I used cat5 that worked on another controller.
  6. Hello all, I am almost done setting up my pixie controllers and am now moving on to my CTB16PC. The CTB16PC powers on and gives a green blinking light. I tried setting the unit Id with the HU. It was the only controller networked at the time. HU does not find the unit. I have tried this on two different com ports and with two different HS adapters. I have tried different network speeds and enhanced and normal. I know my cat5 cable is good. No luck. So if there is a link that has the entire troubleshooting process, I would be greatful for a link or any help Thank you!
  7. Hello S5 users, I am running 5.2.0. I am somewhat confused about the term Unit# that is found in the channel panel on the right side of any prop definition window. Is it the same as unit ID? Can you point me to a tutorial or post that explain how to assign the correct unit id to each prop. I have been working in S% off and on since April. All my lights are wired up and ready to go.
  8. Hi Can anyone explain how to enable a second network in s5 if one network is not enough ? I have a second red sub adapter and enough cat 5. I have 6 pixie controllers that need to be on separate networks according the pixel limits above. Thanks ahead of time.
  9. Thanks to JR! Everything working now. Thanks everyone!
  10. Yes. Thank you for your reply.
  11. Hi, New to LOR. Starting very early in the year. Starting with S5 as advised by the help desk. |i5-2430M running windows 10 S5 v 5.0.18 Pro SS 60 CCR 5.0.18 I have sequenced my first song using SS and created a show. I cannot get my computer to talk to the lights. I have been working on this for a weeks on 2 separate computers. I have spent much time reading through the online help and forums and done my best to follow instructions carefully. Here are some details: I have the HS USB485 connected to a Pixie 8. I have 4 arches connected to outputs 1-4 of the Pixie 8. The HU successfully turns on the lights. The Pixie 8 stops blinking when connected. The COM port reads 04 in the HU. The controller ID reads 01 for the Pixie 8. The prop unit #'s in my preview for the arches are 01-04. Network preferences in the control panel indicate COM port 04 500.0 K (LOR fastest) Enhanced Here are the steps I have followed: In the sequencer "create playback files" In the simple show builder I add the playback file and adjust the schedule to play the show at the current time. Control panel on and red. "Control lights" selected in the sequence editor "Enable shows" selected in the control panel Control panel now blue. The show starts and I get music but no lights. It seems like it should be so simple, what am I doing wrong? Thank you ahead of time!
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