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  1. What I want is during the sequence of lights for the show, I want an insteon module to go on. No LOR's or stand alone devices are connected to this, just part of the sequence of lights for the LOR program. That way I could have lights inside a window go on when set to in the LOR light show program. Then the non weatherproof objects wouldn't get weather damaged.
  2. Where is that in which settings in the LOR control panel?
  3. I have some of the old DASHERs that I use as stand alone. I do use the light linkers, but they only turn on a 16 unit LOR. I have just a few lights that I want to go on from the stand alone DASHER in the center of our driveway where the cars stop to see my light show. Next Christmas I wanted to have just a few things go on right beside their car. This past winter I ran outdoor extension cords as high as I could, but they brushed the UPS truck's roof and I was always worried they'd be pulled down.
  4. Is there any way for the LOR program to turn on an insteon product? I hate running extension cords over a driveway in the winter where we have snow and ice and delivery vehicles coming in. That way, during the program, an insteon device could go on and a preprogrammed unit could then go on.
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