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  1. Does anyone have Christmas Evev in Sarajevo lms sequence.
  2. Amazing! Do you a lms for Christmas Evev in Sarajevo that you could share?
  3. Does anyone have Christmas Evev in Sarajevo lms sequence. From the dates of the posts here it does not look like this forum is being used much? Hopefully someone finds my lone post... :-)
  4. I have purchased a LOR AC controller in the UK running on 240v. I would like to use one of the channels to turn on and off a snow machine in my display. Do I need to be wary of the wattage the snow machine draws, what is the max wattage you can safely turn on using LOR AC controllers?
  5. I want to convert my dumb node RGB star props into pixel props for 2019. Are there any instruction videos out there to help me with this? 🙂
  6. Has anyone imported a xlights sequence into S5. I want to use some of the xlights effects for elements of my S5 sequences
  7. That’s good to hear Matt, you’re doing a great job. Thank you
  8. Has anyone managed to create some fab motion effects in S5? I've experimented with blending effects but have not come up with anything super yet. If anyone has any good combinations of motion effects could they share these with me. Thanks 🙂
  9. Hi LOR. Will we see more motion effects in future S5 releases? I pretty much exhausted the selection available.
  10. I made the leap from s4 into s5 and am prepared for some pain in getting my old s4 sequences to work. So I imported a s4 sequence and can only see the pixel channels being displayed in the preview window. all the other AC channels are there but are not displaying. the lor site has no video tutorials as yet for s4 importing into s5. anyone had this problem?
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