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  1. Thanks James I do agree to terms and no super star please
  2. Hey guys looking for sequence sharing for my 16 channel mega tree and 48 channels of lighting (64 channels total) for Christmas please help and thanks a million in advanced limbe18@Gmail.com
  3. Appreciate it Mega Arch.... Any luck JR???
  4. Thanks dibble I don't know what's going on eithet, I received emails from you guys before strange
  5. May I get a copy please limbe18@gmail.com
  6. Hey Mega Arch can you try bluecashkennels@gmail.com thanks
  7. Just a couple decent ones jingle bells, blue Christmas, winter wonderland etc etc you know the usual classics if any new ones
  8. Hey yall just wanted to ask if you guys can share some Christmas sequnces? My christmas set up insist of 16 Channel incandescent Mega Tree and and the rest of my channes will be incans also. Its my first year using LOR and just built a Mega Tree so would appreciate any sequences that have Mega Trees Thank you in advanced
  9. Can I please get a copy Thanks so much Limbe18@gmail.com
  10. May I please get a copy limbe18@gmail.com thanks
  11. I got them from JR I believe, I'm going to double check I think youre right, I probably did
  12. Ok SO I got the Despacito Faces has anybody sequenced the song would highly appreciate it TIA
  13. I'm more of a Halloween guy but my Christmas display is alot bigger lol. I was wondering if anyone has the I want Candy sequence with singing faces. Than You in Advance LIMBE18@GMAIL.COM
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