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  1. hasslerk - No problem. Still playing with it - but I would really appreciate the test sequence.
  2. hasslerk That would be great! - probably not the optium time of the year to learn another new thing in sequencing but it seems like I end up saying that every year. Thanks for your help.
  3. hasslerk Thanks for the response. Yes I followed the Boscoyo bulb placement. Mine ended up with 2 splices per bulb as the bulb spacing on the strings was just a little too short to make it with one splice. Don't know why - but after the third try deleting the prop and re-importing it finnaly loaded with all of the channel assignments. I have 4 bulbs total but only loaded one as I wanted to make sure I could get that working before doing the others. So far no channel conflicts and I did a couple of lights on/off in preview and it looks like (I think) everything is working. Now I just need to find a sequence to test.
  4. I found an old forum post that pretty much describes my situation – but unfortunately it didn’t have any replies so I’m re-asking. I purchased 4 of the standing 30” Boscoyo Singing Bulbs and they are set up for the following: The ChromaBulb uses 143 total pixels. The node breakout is as follows: Socket=1-26 (26 nodes) Bulb=27-67 (41 nodes) Left Eye=68-77 (10 nodes) Left Eye blink=78-80 (3 nodes) Right Eye=81-90 (10 nodes) Right Eye blink=91-93 (3 nodes) Mouth 1=94-101 (8 nodes) Mouth 2=102-109 (8 nodes) Mouth 3=110-119 (10 nodes) Mouth 4=120-133 (14 nodes) Mouth 5=134-143 (10 nodes) My current display already has multiple Pixie controllers (mega tree, leaping archs, etc). Bulbs props are now built and populated, and just finished setting up/testing a new Pixie controller for these - So, my question is how do I set up these singing faces in S5 or SS with each of the groups of nodes - I can import the Boscoyo prop - but that only shows as one item and doesn’t allow me to designate the pixels into the groups - e.g. 1-26 being one line item on the sequence and the nodes for each eye being another line and so on. If anyone has set these up in S5 or SS I’d love to get an example sequence of how its set up or if anyone has found a video showing how to set these up and bring them into existing sequence’s that would be great. Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated Bob
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