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  1. Thanks Jim... experts like you guys are going to help me get this pixel thing up & running. Now I will ask the stupid question. Using your matrix example...when you “fold” to start pixel 26 on row 2, do you literally fold the strip somehow or is the “fold” a cut of the strip so second row will lay flat? If you do fold w/o cut how do you avoid it trying to bend out of shape? Thanks for patience with a uneducated pixel beginner!
  2. I’m trying to learn all things pixels for my show. I see folks comment on pixel tree setup that they have a string “folded one time”. What does this mean? Every pixel tree setup I’ve seen shows the pixel string connected to bottom and going straight up & connected to a tree topper. Also, for those that have trees, does each light strip connect to one port on the pixel controllers or do you connect multiple strings to one port/connection since you program each pixel in PE or Superstar? thanks...this is a very confusing to learn compared to running my current show on all LOR A
  3. Starting to learn pixel editor to add pixels to my 2018 show. For those using smart pixels in your shows, looking for recommendations on where you buy your lights? What type of pixel lights do you use ( WS2811, strip pixels, etc.)? Getting ready to purchase and want to buy reliable, quality lights that will not give me problems. Not interested in buying cheapest lights to save a few bucks. Thanks for your response.
  4. Mr P... are you connecting your Falcon directly from Ethernet output on PC or do you connect to a bridge which then distributes the cables to pixel controllers? If you have more than 1 falcon, do they allow daisy chain together like LOR controllers? What do I need to buy to rig up the e1.31 network?
  5. Thanks Mr P for helping out a newbie! I appreciate it!
  6. Thanks for both of your responses! Like the idea of different color cables! What is a good resource to learn about e1.31 for my pixels controllers? What do I buy, how to configure, setup IP addresses in LOR software, etc to make it work! I don’t see why It was recommended by a person on another forum that I should convert my LOR controllers to e1.31 when they work fine with my LOR dongle. As a newbie, this pixel stuff is confusing!
  7. My current show runs 80 channels using LOR controllers using the LOR 485 USB dongle. For 2018 show I want to add a pixel tree using Falcon controller. I’ve seen info on keeping LOR on 1 network and pixel on another versus putting all controllers on a e1.31 network. Just trying to figure out this confusion as newbie. Thanks much for your response. I’m new to forums so if this is better suited for another one let me know which one and I’ll move it.
  8. When setting up multiple pix controllers, do you assign the channels in network configuration and daisy chain together with Cat5 cable? Or do you set the DIP switches in each controller to the beginning channel #? I’ve seen conflicting info and trying to figure out approach as newbie. Thanks
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