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  1. I knew some who would lick them for fun because they liked how it felt.
  2. More messing around in the hardware utility and I can get both strings lit! Now, it DOES appear that there's an option for "normal" and "dual normal". So, does that mean I can use just one unit ID for the set and it will use 300 channels? Or is it best practice to use "dual normal" and split them into two unit IDs?
  3. The documentation is for an older version, so it appears different from the pictures. I got them hooked up, but only half the first string lights up, so I know I'm not doing something right. I've played with some settings, but I'm still not there yet. I've read several threads about setting them up, but I haven't yet found my answers. What settings do I need to turn off/on so that both strings will light? And I have read several threads about unit IDs. Do these still consume two unit IDs in S5, as in I set the first one to Unit 01 and string one uses Unit 01 with channels 1-150 and string 2 us
  4. If you set your layouts up EXACTLY as it is preprogrammed, it will lik exactly like the videos. No changes or editing required.
  5. I don't know if you ever got an answer, but the TSO card is programmed for 68 AC channels and 32 "dumb" RGB pixels. Unit 1 and unit 2 are 4 groups of 4. Unit 3 and unit 4 are 2 groups of 8. Unit 5 is blank and intended for you to add your own props and sequencing. Unit 6 utilizes channels 1-4 for strobes. Unit 7 and unit 8 are for eight dumb RGB pixel ports each. And they are duplicated at controllers 20-2F. So, even though it's 32 pixel channels, it's really 16 duplicated. I hope that helps you.
  6. We had an unusually wet spring. That delayed us a bit. And my schedule and my son's schedule need to link up so that we can both work on them. Hopefully, this week. Certainly before the end of August.
  7. I want you to know that I regularly watch your videos. I took the immersion classes at Expo this year. I will be emailing you soon so that we can put the trees up in the backyard and learn them. Your trees will continue to brighten Christmases for years to come.
  8. Learned this in photography when I lost my children's entire first Disney trip. (Fortunately, my sister's husband had copies.) Main HDD, portable local storage such as external drive, SD/flash and an online/cloud backup. Minimum.
  9. The kids who used to lick 9v batteries for fun?
  10. I didn't get to go to Aubrey's classes because I had some others I needed to go to, but other people told me that it was excellent.
  11. Well, I'm a dumb dumb. Didn't think to check my email and see if I needed anything other than my laptop. Yup. Should have brought a controller, dongle, lights. I DO have my laptop so there's that!
  12. We checked in just a few minutes ago. Waiting on a room number now. I'm not going to the RGB pre class tomorrow, but I am going to the LOR classes Tuesday and Wednesday.
  13. I personally love to open the box and dig through all the packing to find things. The dogs go nuts chasing peanuts. The cats do too.
  14. Definitely a rare opportunity. Guess I need to order some spt...
  15. My son and I took a road trip to visit the Talleys and finalize buying all 3 trees, their stars, arches, and controllers. It's my hope to see their display continue, at least in part, for a long time. This past year was our first year with LOR and although we only used the purchased sequences from the Showtime Central, we still greatly enjoyed it and it sparked a desire to continue building a better show. The Talleys were kind and lovely people and Earle is passionate about his trees. We plan to set them up in the backyard in the next month or so to get a practice run on assembling them. Bless
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