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  1. Thanks for that. Question, If I had the 2 pcs networked together, could I transfer the files via network instead of using a card? Cheers, Mario
  2. Hi All, I am about to head to the islands in the pacific for a months holiday. As I will have a lot of r&r time, I was thinking of taking my laptop and doing my sequencing for this Christmas. On my return to New Zealand I want to transfer the sequences to my main PC and run the shows from it. Are there any problems with this method? What would be the best method of transfering from laptop to main PC? Has anyone done this? How does one go about it? Any advice would be a help. Cheers, Mario
  3. Hi There. Am running 32 channels at the moment but I think I have succumbed to the disease of wanting more channels for next year, perhaps another 16. My question is this, I can see the 32 channels on my screen ok for doing the sequences etc, but if I add another 16 (or more!) channels how do I see them all at the same time? Is it a matter of just scrolling down the screen to sequence the channels there? What about those that have 128 or more channels? How do you see the 'whole picture'? cheers. Mario
  4. Hi There, Anyone have a 32 channel sequence with sandstorm audio?
  5. Thanks for that Dennis. My stress levels have gone down. I had an idea that it was possibly something in that area. Will get onto lor for part numbers etc. At least I won't be disapointing the family and friends who want to see the show up and running. Thanks again, Mario
  6. Hi Gang, I was all ready to go with 32 channels, had some tests and the display looked good. Then one night there was a short in a ropelight section ( a bit of arcing and a little smoke from where the rope joins the ac cord).. I have dumped the rope and replaced it with another. Problem is that this new rope is on all the time and is not controlled by lor. All the other channels work fine (luckily). To me it appears that during the short a resistor or diode has crashed and has locked that channel in the 'on' position. Please note that my knowlegde of electronics is not up there!. So it looks like I will have to get the faulty unit to lor for repair( I dont have a problem with this). My question is, can I continue to run the display(with no lights plugged into the offending channel) for the duration without causing a major melt done of the rest of the system?? Any ideas?? Thanks, Mario
  7. Hi George, (and others who responded).Thanks for the feedback. I agree with your comments after having tried a few combinations. thanks again, Mario.
  8. Thanks for that John. I was thinking on those lines myself. It can be a little hard to determine the colours used when watching the videos on the net, probably due to the video quality etc. Thanks again, Mario.
  9. Howdy from New Zealand! Am about to lace the light strings around my pvc for the arches (4 of them- 6 chanels each) and was wondering whether to use all clear bulbs or multi coloured bulbs. For those people who have put these together, what looks best, all clear or all multi coloured or a mixture of both?? I could put one together to see, but if it doesn't look right I would have to redo the whole thing and Christmas is nearly here!!! Any ideas would be most welcome. Cheers all. Mario.
  10. Howdy Brian, A big thank you for the quick reply.You were correct. I have done what you suggested and it's all happening!!Aren't these forums great when people can help each other!! Thanks again.. Cheers, Mario
  11. Hi All, Well, here we go! Have finished putting together my 16ch LOR(CTB16PC). I have it hooked up to the PC as per instuctions and over the last week or so have made a musical sequence. Ran the hardware utility and configured the unit. The lights (connected to the LOR) work fine in the hardware set up but do not work when using the sequence editor. I have spent some time making sure that all the boxes are ticked(or not ticked) and still no joy. Am I missing something? Is there some really stupid that I'm not doing? Hope someone can help.. Cheers, Mario
  12. Hi Gang, Just got my first LOR kit. Am enjoying building my musical sequences,but have a question. Using the tapper I can put beats into the time line (video editing jargon) which works fine for strings of lights but for my arch sets of lights the on/off timing has to be quicker to give a smooth flow look. If I insert an event shorter that the beats for my arch strings I have to correct the rest of the light settings. Is there a secret way of increasing (or shortening) the arch lights timing without affecting the rest of the composition?? Cheers..:?
  13. Mario

    leaping arches

    Hi texan 78, Thanks heaps for the quick reply.Yes, just as I thought.. Will try out your ideas and see if I can save a few channels. Cheers, Mario
  14. Mario

    leaping arches

    [align=left] Hi There, I have a question about leaping light arches.[/align][align=left] I have seen some being constructed on UTube and, for example, one person had 9 strings of lights per arch. Would this mean that there would be 9 channels of a LOR contoller used to get the fx as seen. If so, if I had 4 arches with 9 stings of lights per arch, that would be a total of 36 channels used, am I right?? Or is there a special technique used?? Thanks.. [/align]
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