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  1. I've learned more from these post than I have reading and watching any video... anxious to get started.
  2. Sounds good. I really appreciate your time. I've been watching the videos on the sequence editor and pixel editor all day long.. I may go ahead and get that so I can play around with it.
  3. Only pixels for now. Possibly leds later ?
  4. I'm not using anything right now. I have nothing . Lol..
  5. I seen a program where you actually take a pic of your house and put the lights where they actually are on your house.. seems simple to be able to preview without walking in and outside. I'll use whatever you tell me to, seems you know what your doing.. All the numbers and abbreviations are mind boggling right now but I'll learn. Like I said, I'll start with a simple setup of maybe 2 - 4 arches and add on over time when I get the hang of it.
  6. I have a laptop of course..but that's it. So starting completely fresh and trying to understand as I go. Maybe just starting with the arches would be the best for me. If possible maybe u can link to everything I need to control just those.
  7. I'm sorry I'm so new to this. I've read forums and watched tutorials and getting started videos etc.. there are so many options and dos and donts..that I get lost.. would you recommend I just start with maybe 4 arches (like yours, the 9' , not the kit which says they are 16') instead of outlining the house as well. I'm gonna start off trying to put at least the Arches together by Halloween.
  8. I really appreciate the time your taking to explain. So if I buy the kit you mentioned in the earlier post and the arch kit with the controllers... That's pretty much all I need to get started , correct?
  9. Wow, yea if you could help me with just the arches, that's a nice starting point I believe lol. Which software do you use ? I read so much about rasberry pi, I'm just now learning about all the other options. So now I'm confused even more lol.
  10. Thanks for the help, I think I'm gonna start with some arches and the outline of my house. I'll have to do some more reading to determine which bulbs I'll start with. And the pros and cons of 12v vs 5v...
  11. I definitely want smart pixels...is there a package or some type of "kit" I should start out with? I want to start basic, outline my windows, house, porch etc.. then move up from there later. Right now I just want to have something to work with to learn, figure out my next move.
  12. Which kit should I start off with ? I want to control each bulb. Read alot about rasberry pi, so I'm just confused on where to start. Which controller ? Which bulbs ? Etc. Or is there a complete kit I can purchase and add on more later ?
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