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  1. I swear I have seen it on here before but can't seem to find it again. Looking for a copy of the Let It Go Singing Faces. Have the original sequence but not the faces. If you have it and happen to want to send a copy to giggly_jam@hotmail.com I know my little viewers would love it when they stop by to see the lights. Thanks everyone James
  2. JR, I have parents that absolutely hate this song and kids absolutely love it. Would love a copy to drive the parents even crazier lol. If i could get a copy to giggly_jam@hotmail.com that would be great! Thanks James
  3. James, Would love to get a copy sent to giggly_jam@hotmail.com Love this song and would love to add it to my display Thanks James H.
  4. James, Would be great to get a copy if you don't mind. Please send to giggly_jam@hotmail.com Thanks James H.
  5. JR I absolutely enjoy this song and so do a bunch of our viewers. Would love to get a copy of it. Please send to giggly_jam@hotmail.com Thanks James
  6. JR Would be great to add this as my opening to my show this year. If you could please send a copy to giggly_jam@hotmail.com that would be greatly applicative James
  7. Paul, Would be great to get a copy of the singing trees. I am just getting into them and have a few and would love to add this to my show. Email is giggly_jam@hotmail.com Thanks in advance James
  8. James, would love a copy for my Halloween display. Thanks in advance. giggly_jam@hotmail.com
  9. HLE

    Enter Sandman

    If there’s a chance, would love to get a copy of the sequence. Thank you. giggly_jam@hotmail.com
  10. Would love a copy giggly_jam@hotmail.com thanks!
  11. Would love a copy giggly_jam@hotmail.com thanks
  12. First, I hope everyone had a great lighting season. We had some issues with channels staying dimly lit again this year but it only seemed when the weather was wet. Of course we had more rain than snow so that didn't help but we have a few ideas to do next year. Second, I would like to thank everyone who happened to send us sequences to use over the past few years. You are all amazing and make everything so much easier. Now onto the topic at hand. We have been talking with the neighbor of ours for the past year and he has agreed to let us use his house for part of our display as well. He
  13. I know everyone is busy with their displays but if anyone has Frosty the Snow man and Rudolph (both without signing faces) that would be great if I could get a copy higleylights@hotmail.com thanks in advance
  14. I forgot I have an older controller that’s not gen3. I accidentally put it on my regular network 500k but I need to move it to its own network but can’t seem to find where I can do that
  15. Every year I have had issues with my regular controllers and my pixel tree controller talking to each other and making them all work. I’m usually on the phone and remote accessed in for hours trying to get them to work. Since up grading to 5 I have just ran a test on a few of the sequences I have converted over and they all work. By far the easiest year in the 8 years I’ve done this 😁😁😁😁😁
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