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  1. Thanks TheDucks. My soldering is good but I’m afraid you lost me after that. I mean, I understand each sentence but not how to put it all together... Is there a tutorial with pictures somewhere? Gal PS: I’ve never worked with pixels before.
  2. Obvious newbie here. Is there a way to convert these to wired for LOR? “Chips:High Power Epistar Led Chips”
  3. Thanks so much JR, I definitely love thrifty!
  4. OMG Boscoyo is AWESOME Just gave them a modest chunk of money, LOL. Hope they come up with more props for LED strings! TYVM Vince4xmas.
  5. Oh wow do I feel like a dumb donkey !! Thanks for the answers and for your patience! L
  6. I need to cut my channel requirements! I have, for example, two strings of white LED mini lights. The ends are 10’ apart but can both be on the same channel. With what can I bridge that 10’? Is there a maximum length? Plugs? Thanks y’all.
  7. Yes, please! The broken link is what sent me out to search the web... Thanks.
  8. After spending a couple of hours searching the net, I finally found an interactive Calculator that will tell you how long your spiral strings need to be. It’s done in meters, but you can just plug in feet instead and it works fine. What a lifesaver for a newbie like me! https://www.da-share.com/calculators/spiral-tree/
  9. Ah. Pixels - something I know nothing about. I was about to ask you for a loan!
  10. Did I read this right?? Adding 61 THOUSAND channels? Just...wow. And here I am trying to figure out how to get the $$ to buy the 48 channel LOR starter kit. ?
  11. This will be my first year and I won’t be doing anything more than maybe dabbling in pixels until the prices come WAY down and I can fully fund upgrades from tips... or hubby gets a huge raise, assuming I’m still married at Thanksgiving!!!
  12. Thanks all. @Santas Helper, to clarify: all of the lights on your mega tree are C6? And what did you use on the trees lining the driveway? And finally, the large lights forming the garage door arch/outlining the mega tree pole? Cool display and thanks again...
  13. I searched but couldn’t find an answer. Obviously I am an extreme newbie! I bought a 10 foot mega tree; what kind of LED lights should I use for it? How bright are the M5 lights? I’ll be using C9 lights to outline the roof and the other parts of the house because I’m doing a two-story home. Wrap the columns in front with plain ole LED mini lights? Ditto a tree trunk and branches’ outline? Brightest lights for prop outlines (wire snowflakes, stars)? Point me to a lights tutorial? Bless you folks! PS: Is holiday-light-express.com a reputable company?
  14. Ok all, I’m shopping for flood lights. Are the ones that come with remote controls suitable for rewiring to a controller? If so what kind of controller? Is DC better than AC? Thanks!
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