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  1. not "running your show and viewing", but if you have LOR loaded before you starter the sequencer, you can play your show on your computer and it will play on the lights outside. I did that a lot the first year i started to get a better feel for what did what.
  2. you can run 2 networks. The older ones on their own (you still have a black adapter?) http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/
  3. I had to add the Griswold drumroll this year, here is my version
  4. This one has been very popular. Willing to share what i did although admittedly, my preview is a bit of mess at the moment. But you just need the basic constructs to paste into your own sequences. Message me with typical disclaimers. Richard
  5. My daughter said I needed to do this one. It was a catchy tune and a lot of fun once I started on it. Welcome to share if you want, as long as you don't plan to sell...
  6. Get well soon Bob. It's my first year with MIIP and still learning the ropes, but a great addition to my program and very popular with those that come by.
  7. depending on the pixie8, it can run 8 X 100 strands. The 12V version i got last year has no issues with 24 X 25 (i went wider than denser) plus a couple of candy canes and the star, just short of 800 pixels. even at 100% but i ran it at less by setting the dimming curve. This year i went to 24 X 50 and added a 2nd pixie 8 to control half of the lights.
  8. One option is that you can swap the show file. Basically have 2, one that has a sequence (sq1) and one that has all off (sq2) . Copy the one you want to show.lss and the show editor will recognize its been changed and switch to the new one. This is what the Miip app does to alter the show sequence.
  9. i don't have a pixcon16 but i recall seeing the dimming curve for it is set in the hardware, the dimming curve in the preview is for devices that don't support it. Intensity is a relative brightness for the sequence, and is basically after any dimming has been applied.
  10. there is a Facebook LOR sequence sharers group that has some versions. I can't share since its not mine, but you can sign up and get from there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1901299436791951
  11. if s5, you can set the dimming curve for the prop in the preview. Just double click to open it. It will then affect every sequence it is in.
  12. a couple more notes, be sure to check RGB on the left hand side, so it sets it to pixels not strings you can select the starting position of the strings (bottom or top). you can also see the exact mapping of the pixels after you create the prop, after saving it, by right clicking and selecting Wiring View
  13. You could do this easily in the preview designer select add new prop from predefined select "stars nested" for number of lights in nest 1, select 30 then for #2 select 20 and for #3, select 10 If all on the same channel, on the right hand side, the defaults are probably ok, but you can adjust them to configure if you a channel per for example.
  14. I just started motion effects last year and I can say i have mixed success. A lot depends on the image. Last year the tree was only 24 X 25 at 4 inches and I got a few images to come out pretty clear, but i found i really had to mess with them. For example, i would go in and make a face all one color. That way, you werent dealing with 50 different flesh shades in 50 pixels. This year i went to 24 X 50 at 2 inches and it makes quite a difference or so it seems. As noted above, with these, I have actually had better success using a larger image and letting LOR scaling it down. But t
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