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  1. i notice that too, in my case, when I switch from SE to SuperStar to edit the same sequence and audio. I have just been dealing with it, but always wondered why?
  2. Since you have a pro license there is no issue with having gaps so to make it easier you can just make sure to pick a starting number that is higher than the last you see in the preview. Yours says 14 so go to 20. If it says 34, go to 40, etc. If it happened to say 5A, than go to 60. You are not using some of the "valid" numbers but it doesn't hurt. My job is programming so I do hex all day, but I still do this to make it easier for me.
  3. its hexadecimal (counting in 16s, its a computer thing). the numbers are 0 - F (0 to 15) so the next unit after 0F is 10 up to 1F and then 20 and so on
  4. I did a search on Facebook for StewartsLights (with and without a space) and the one that came up was in Arkansas and the other was a party bus - do you have a bit more specific link... I did find one for Lights at Stewarts Place which looks like it might the right one (although it also looked like the one with the party bus) Also, the typical things people want to know is what you have and whether you are looking to sell as one or in pieces.
  5. i also created a couple of props that are pretty versatile and use in a couple of different ways Spinner arches - Circle / Star / Spinner -
  6. I went with pixie8s because they can handle enough pixels but not too many and I can spread things around a bit because my display covers a wide area, I now have 6 of them. Pretty flexible and easy enough to use and economically priced. With 12V pixels, you can spread them out quite a bit. Check out some of my videos in my signature and you can see how i use them. But the key point made above, is that to run a single network, your controllers have to be Gen 3 (green led) or else you have to run 2. I did that for the last few years, but this year updated the remaining AC controllers so I didn't have to run 2 different networks types (I still plan to run them on 2 runs but i can mix them as needed).
  7. pretty good, i figured there had to be a way, motion effects do so much but you have to find that right combination..
  8. I see what you want to do, the picture motion effect moves the picture so it always has an edge. You can adjust the width to make it wider to make it wrap longer. What I do is add a second effect row with a color wash of a similar color so it makes it look more natural. Animated gigs work too since they move on their own and wmv files is another.
  9. i like it -- you didn't mention it here but looked up your Vimeo link which noted the artist was Johnny and the Raindrops
  10. I don't have my pixie hooked up at the moment, but did you press the config button and then select pixie config and set the pixie to 140 pixels per channel?
  11. the easiest thing to do is try some motion effects, what they do is endless In your sequence, click on the motion effect row for your tree. You should have at least one or more (if not, you can add them). Then select the whole row by hitting the R key. Then shift A or select motion effect from the tool bar and just start stepping through them to see what they do., Then try switching up some of the settings, bars starting at left or top for example. Then you can decide how long you want to use one before switching to another. The preview window does a pretty good job of showing what it will look like but the first year I did a tree, I set it up so I could see it and program it at the same time before moving it to its final place in the yard.
  12. you are going to want to get the pro license. If you do your LEDs and the tree, that would at least 9 channels.. If you just had the tree, you can get by with one of the others BUT motion effects will make your life a lot easier when you program the tree. Whether to buy or build is really up to you but motion effects do a lot of the work for you with just a little creativity. Reading between the lines, you didn't mention audio? So buying a sequence set to music might not have the same effect if you are including it.
  13. look for the LOR icon in the system tray (the ^ in the lower right of the screen) and then right click it and say Unload light-o-rama. When ready to use it again, run the control panel
  14. Make sure that the channel info in the preview matches the actual channel configuration in use. Regular channel 1 and AuxA channel 1 are different and can cause this during playback but HW utility doesn't care. network preference can show how you are actually configured.
  15. I also do it in the prop definition in s5. I find that adjusting it not only has an impact on brightness but also on color. Too bright and light blue becomes white as far as most people are concerned, but too low and orange becomes burnt orange. I like to use the pixie controllers that do not have the option on the controller itself so this is the only option for me. For different controller and lights, I run from 30-50% pixel curve.
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