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  1. I have a 16 channel pixie controller, with 100 rgb bulbs, for each channel. Do you have to use the same number of bulbs on each channel?

    I want to put them around my windows, but I have 2 small windows that will only fit 50 bulbs. And one that might take 150.

  2. Ok got it working, it was the audio files, audacity couldn’t even load a few of the audio files, where the sequencer didn’t have a problem with them. I exported the to 128bit, and reloaded them on the memory card, now it works.

    thanks everyone that replied.


  3. 12 minutes ago, hasslerk said:

    The CTB16PC is able to power the Director, as long as it is plugged in (I know, obvious).  What model Director do you have?  There are two jacks inside the CTB16PC...did you try the other jack?  It could be you have a bad jack (as I do on a couple of mine).

    It’s a G4mp3 I just bought it 2 weeks ago from LOR. I have not been able to get it to work for the last week, I even plugged in the external power supply, still not working. The controller is only 3 years old. I ran the controller off my computer last night and everything worked so it has to be something to do with the director.

  4. I removed the mp3 director from the setup, and my lights work. Just ran everything from my laptop. Not sure why the mp3 director is not working out. 
    My shop computer is a long ways from my display, that’s where I do all the sequences . I would try to run it from there it it weren’t so far, it takes a 200 foot  cat 5 to reach it, and can’t run the FM transmitter from the shop. 

    so I had to run a cat 5 cable out my bedroom window. It wouldn’t be a problem it it wasn’t 30deg outside.

  5. The 1st controller I bought new from lor 3 years ago. The second one I bought used last year, not sure what the g# is, but it’s in a black case. The CCB I I just bought last month from lor. I only have one network, and it is enhanced. I know  both ac controllers worked fine last year, but they were running off a computer. Not sure if I had it set as enhanced or not. The G4mp3 director has 2 networks, so I could set the ac controller. To non enhanced, and the ccr network to enhanced. Would that work? 

  6. I bought a G4mp3 director this year, hoping I wouldn’t have to use a computer to run the show. So far it’s not working correctly. I have 2 16ch ac controller, on the 1st one there are 3 windows with 4 strings of light blue, green, red, and white. On each window. There is one string on the eve. 1 around the door and 2 stars with 1 string on each. The 2nd controller has 4 strings on the railing. 2 trees in the front yard, with 4 string on each. And 3 strings of 5 bulbs in the yard.

    anyway when the show starts it will only flash one light on the 1st window for a few seconds, it mat flash 2, or 3 or all 4 strings on that window for a few seconds, but none of the other light will come on at all. After an hour or so it might start flashing other window, and eventually stat flashing all the light.

    ialso have a car pixel controller, but it’s now doing anything. Any ideas?

  7. I only have 4 songs sequenced so far, to I was able to use my arches, but wouldn't let me one of them would only access the 1st arch, but not the other 3, the 2nd one wouldn't let me access the arches at all. The 1st 20 I tried worked just fine. Here's a screen shot of the one that wouldn't let me assign motion effects. can someone tell me whats going on here. there all using the same preview.  The arches are at the bottom.



  8. I have been trying to setup 4 arches with my cosmic color controller I have 2 16ch controllers at unit 1 and 2, thought I would make ccc controller at unit 3, when I talked to tech support they told me to set the first 2 arches to unit 3, and the last 2 to unit 4 so

    1st arch: unit3 1 - 75 

    2nd arch: unit 3 76 - 150

    3rd arch: unit 4 1 -75

    4th arch : unit 4 76 - 150

    my question is how do I set this up in hardware configuration?  I don’t see how to set 2 unit numbers for 1 controller.

    should it be all 4 arches set to unit 3  1 - 75,  76 - 150,  151 - 225, and  226 - 300?



  9. I have 2 16 channel controllers that are working just fine for the last 3 years. This year I decided to add some arches. So I bought a cosmic color controller from lor. I have been working on this for a week. I contacted tech support, and they sent me the setup for 4 arches. I added them to my preview the way they said, then tried to use the motion exf generator to get them to bounce left an right. Just can’t get them to do anything. When I try to activate the motion effects  generator it tells me I need to select  a motion effects line first, I have selected everything on all the arches, but it still tells me the same thing. If I creat an effect in any line the motion effects generator grays out, so I can’t use itat all. 
    what am I doing wrong.

    im running v5.16 pro. 
    I also bought a 16ch pixel controller I don’t even want to try to set up, if I can’t get this 2 channel display to work

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