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  1. OK your right, my bad! That's a good Idea, I just never though about soldering the 2 together, guess I'm getting old. I was a electronics tech for 40yrs, retired now for 12yrs. and soldering just never clicked. Thank you for your reply.
  2. I had to cut off my 50 node string for my matrix, that left me with a string of 27 nodes. My matrix takes 6 channels of 72 nodes per channel. I want to use the 27 node string for the next channel, so I can utilize the 27 node strings. I talked to tech support, they don’t sell them. Suggested I use a 2ft extension, but they don’t list a 2ft extension on there website. The smallest extension is 5ft. does anyone know where I can get the plugs, or a shorter extension? Thanks Michael
  3. Yes I have a pixie 16 controller, and the RS485 adapter Thanks.
  4. I wonder if that's why it took out the fuse? I hope the string is ok, will find out when I get the new fused I ordered.
  5. OK I figured out what they did, The strip is Ground, the center is Positive, and the data is the other side. they crossed the wires on the inside, but the casing at the bottom is black, so I couldn't see it, I think what I will do is cut open the bottom of the casing, and solder the wires to the circuit board. According to the board the strip side will be Ground, the center is data, and the other side is Positive. Then just seal the casing. That should work. Thanks Michael
  6. Ok, well I bought a 12v Pixcon16 controller complete, with power supply, and case, I run 12v smartpixels, I want to replace the Pixcon16 board with a Pixie16 12v board, still running 12v smart pixels, is this going to work?
  7. Well my question was will thePixcon16 power supply work with the Pixie16 board?
  8. I bought some pixel lights from ray Wu's store last month, and the last question that was asked before the sale was final. was what type of connectors. they listed LOR, so that's what I selected. They were 100 node strings, I bought 4 of them. The first thing I noticed was the plugs were bigger, then the LOR plugs. I had some 2ft extensions, so I cut one in half to replace the Ray Wu connectors. The wiring on Ray's site did not do a good job of explaining how the wire code worked, but I was pretty sure the Data line should be in the middle. I thought the Black strip should be Ground, and the other wire should be Positive. So I hooked it up that way, It took out the fuse, so I thought maybe they switched the Pos. and ground, so I switched them. I took out the fuse again. Does anyone know what the correct wiring is for the lights? they are 2811 smart pixels Or will they not work for a LOR controller? I had them hooked up to a Pixie8 controller on 12volts. Thanks Michael
  9. The Pixcon is a 12v, and the pixie16 is also a 12v.
  10. I know this my be an older post, but I have been working on getting my pixel tree to put a singing face on it for a few weeks now, with out any luck, I would love to see how you did it, if I could get a copy too Please. Thank you. mike@electraink.com
  11. I decided to just buy a Pixie16 board, and put it in the Pixcon case, I believe the power supply are the same. Then I will just put the Pixcon16 board on the shelf, maybe use it another time. Or If someone is interested it let me know.
  12. Is the Pixcon16, and the pixie16 power supply the same?
  13. I bought a Pixcon16 a few months ago, its never been hooked up, I just set the static IP, that’s it. I bought it here on Light o Rama.Will be willing to train for a Pixie16.The Pixcon is just to much for my brain. Other trades will be considered. Thank Michael
  14. Sorry, I have ever been down that far in the forum. Not sure how to move it.
  15. I bought a Pixcon 16 this year, and this is much more than I need. I set it on on a static ip, but other than that, I didn’t hook it to anything. if anyone wants to trade for it a pixie16 and a pixie 4, I would be willing to make that trade. Any offers would be considered. Thanks Michael
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