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  1. I just noticed that I have not followed the reset correctly with the jumper pin, Ill give that a go first..
  2. OK, So I eventually got around to swapping things around. It seems its a problem with this channel only. I have turned the control fully off and back on several times. One thing I noticed is the lights are fully on now and its no longer a slightly on like before. How do I know if the triac is blown for sure ? Thanks, Paul
  3. I’m UK plug style here so would need to open plug and swap wiring..
  4. Cheers, I had this in mind.. will keep you posted..
  5. Hi all, Hoping someone can help here. I have a 16 channel residential unit and it’s running 16 strings with 80 leds on each.. nothing major regarding power. This morning I’ve noticed that one set is slightly on. Straight away, I ran the hardware utility and turned this channel on 100% and no issue. Then turned off but it still remains slightly on. Now I will admit that there was heavy rain but I thought that control box shuts down the power totally when you run such commands through the utility? The controller box is indoors so no dampness problems. Could it be possibl
  6. Sorry dragging this one back up again... Lights are all up and running at this stage ! but I I have noticed that the 4 leaping arches I have on this controller are running wrong / order of the strings. There is 4 strings of 50 pixels that make up the 4 arches. The controller has 2 connections as we mentioned previously, Port 1 & Port 2. I have the controller sitting in the middle, 2 arches to the left and 2 to the right. The thing is, the 2 arches on the left are in sequence but the 2 on the right are working in the opposite direction, really noticeable when I want the arche
  7. Paul Moore

    Show Editor

    Hoping someone can guide me with my show editor... This is my 1st year so I'm climbing that ladder still. So I have a simple show which consists of a Start Up Sequence, about 50 seconds long and this is in the Startup Tab. It then moves onto the musical tab of which I have only 5 Sequences. Everything runs how I planned it so far. My show begins everyday at 5pm and ends at midnight. Now as you can see, I only have 5 sequences in my show which will keep cycling through until the shutdown. Is there a way I can get the software to run through the musical once or maybe twice and then le
  8. Resolved... Dip switch 8 was On. Now off and Unit ID stays set
  9. Emmm, it still doesn't store the New Unit ID... Going to set all dip switches to Off position as No 8 is on
  10. Switches: Jumpers: (sorry about quality)
  11. Ok, reporting back ! All working fine now except every time I change the Unit ID to my preferred ID it resets when I come back to it the next day or simply if I power down the controller. I want this Unit set to 02 but keeps defaulting back to 01 once its powered down - do I need to look at the jumpers/switches on the board ?
  12. Ok - bedtime ! ill report back Thanks for everyones input
  13. So after all this I’m guessing I go with Mr. P setup ? String 1 - Unit ID 2, channels 1-300 (2 x 50 pixel strings) Is this port 1 ?? String 2 - Unit ID 3, channels 1-300 (2 x 50 pixel strings) Is this port 2 ?
  14. Here is a picture of the inside of the controller: Pixie2D V3. Its a Pixie Controller with 2 ports So If I were to setup the Controller as a single UNIT 02 I run into carryover ? 1 to 150, 151 to 300, 301 to 450, 451 to 512 with carryover of 88 I have looked again and I have 4 X 50 Pixel Strings that came with this. As Mr. P pointed out the setup below - would string 1 be from Port 1 ? First Box String 1 - Unit ID 2, channels 1-300 (2 x 50 pixel strings) Is this port 1 ?? String 2 - Unit ID 3, channels 1-300 (2 x 50 pixel strings) Is this po
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