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  1. With the help of JR we built a master config and tested each of the controllers. Each controller worked as designed. The network speed was increased to 500 and enhanced was checked in network preferences. It was discovered that the unit id assigned to the Pixie is reading channels in the sequence that are not setup for pixels. Therefore, some copying and pasting will be required to get the Pixie2 to perform as expected. I will continue to work on modifying some sequences and post the results. Not sure how far I will get during the next week or so due to a calendar full of commitments. I want t
  2. I purchased everything from LOR... I just downloaded the firmware for the CTB16PCg3 to Ver 1.09. I executed a sequence and the result is the same. I went into HU (config) as you suggested with only the Pixie connected and the # of pixels per port is set at 50 and the logical resolution is set at 50 as well. The user manual that came with the CTB is a generation 3 user manual. Beyond that I don't know how to validate it? The lights I am using with the CMB24D are Dumb RGB strips The lights I am using with the Pixie2 are CCR-II Ribbons
  3. I apologize to both of you if my communication was unclear, I updated the firmware to Ver 1.04 prior to downloading S4 4.4.40 software. When updating the firmware I attached only the Pixie2 to the USB485 adapter. I updated via the HU as suggested. I changed the network speed in network preferences to 500.0K and click enhanced hit apply and ok. I refreshed in HU and all 3 controllers appear. I select a sequence and the results are as follows: None of the lights connected to the CTB16PCg3 lit but the lights connected to the CMB24D lit along with the first 24 LED's in both CCR's.
  4. Yes, but I had to set it back because when I did so the channels connected to the CTB16PCg3 do not work when I execute a sequence. What's confusing is the first 24 LED's work when a sequence is executed. It seems like the rest of the strip is not Configured to light.
  5. Yes, the dip switches are all in the off position. I thought the new motionpak sequences would support CCD's but according to LOR the first motionpaks are only going to support singing faces. So I need to add my own programming for the CCD's . All of the sequences I have purchased are modifiable. So i want to try my luck at building a test sequence to see if the CCD's work. I'm scratching my head right now. Lol
  6. You are correct and I should have know that since you explained that before. So everything is working "normally" again however, the Pixie2 LED's continue to light as described before. At this point, I think it's my sequence and I need to follow dibblejr's advice and create a test sequence. I will give that a try and let you know the results. In the meantime, any thoughts and all thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  7. Tks Mr. P, I completed the software download to S4 4.4.0 . When I open HU and refresh all units are identified properly. The Unknown device ???? Has disappeared. However, once I refesh and close HU and open a sequence all of the red lights on the controllers start blinking. I assume communication has been lost.
  8. I completed the download however when I refresh in HU the device comes up as 03- Unknown Device ???
  9. The reply from LOR support said Version 1.04 for Cosmic Color Controller II / Pixie2 is now available ... i assume they are suggesting I download it?
  10. My invoice says (NEW CCR +) Cosmic Color Controller II with 2 CCR-II Ribbons. I have reopened a ticked to get verification on software and what firmware Ver is required for the items I purchased.
  11. according to my software upgrade I purchased last year, I purchased the upgrade to S4 Software. Does that require the firmware update?
  12. Tks Mr. P the CMB24D & CTB16PCg3 are at the most current levels. The Pixie2 is at the current level as well however there is an * next to the next level up 1.04 that says it requires Showtime designer pixels. I don't believe I have them but I do have CCR smart pixels with controller. If you scroll up the list you will see CCR with controller listed. How do I determine what level of firmware is installed for the CCR's?
  13. How do I know what level of firmware I currently have installed?
  14. Do I update all controllers?
  15. Ok, I did change the network speed in NP to 500.0K but I noticed no change so I changed it back. As for the slide control in the HU I tried that as well. As I moved it the the 24LED's moved up the ribbon but the 24LED's behind stayed dark. My residential controller is a CTB16PCg3. Does this mean a red adapter would be needed? Thank you so much for your reply.
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