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  1. Hah, so it's a feature! glad it's not just me doing something wrong then. It tested correctly enough for my needs. Thanks Mike.
  2. Heh, the cut is by far worse. It's my third trip there as a patient this year. I went into afib three times in last 18 months so I ended up getting an ablation done to fix it, but they hit the nerve to my diaphragm. This has slowed me down a lot but should come back in time. The blood thinners I'm on made that cut fun. I do need to buy a stripping tool. I have wire strippers but nothing for cable, and that's what got me.
  3. I think I did. Here's what I am seeing on config. Then on pixel console I am telling it I have a pixie, but only 50 pixels are showing up there. Update: I changed "channel mode" to CCD EXtended Circuit IDs" and now I can see all 100, even though I'm only using 75 and all the lights turn on. Yay. This is weird though. I hit "controller red on" and the first 50 are red, then three are off, then the next 21 are green. ARGH. I hit all off, then "controller green on" and first fifty are green, then three off, then next 21 are blue. ARGH. When I tell it off, then "controller blue
  4. bought the 12v 100-pixel string from the LOR store. I am using a 12v power supply that is working fine. The pixie board syncs to the utility fine. I have it set as ID2. No matter what setting I choose in the pixel console or config, I can't get anything to happen other than the first pixel is on and blue. Based on my prior post about how to wire it, I have it wired correctly I think, assuming the middle "data" cable goes to the DT connector on the pixie controller.The wires on the strand connect to the controller using the standard male/female screw in connector supplied by LOR. I'm
  5. I was stripping insulation from a cable and jabbed my left thumb with a knife. Ugh. About a 3.5cm lac, bled briskly. had to hit the ER for stitches. I happen to be an ER doc and went to where I work i wired my whole basement in a home we built and narry a nick. Strip a little cable and BAM!
  6. You're right, meant pixcon16, As I said, I'm new my statement of sizing them for the geography of the display is intact I think though
  7. I'll be following along for replies also. i have a pixie4 and a pixie 16. I thought about a 24 but it seems like it's better to go smaller to cover geographic zones and run cat5 between controllers then lots of wires to each section of yard, unless doing a huge mega tree or something. i'm a rookie though, put more weight on other responses.
  8. I just bought six of those enclosures (probably knock offs) on eBay for $90 shipped
  9. thanks guys. The positive mark was confusing me.
  10. I've got the pixie recognized by my computer, and confused about what to use on the pixel county/resolution part. Is this just a ratio or does it limit your strands based on what you pick? I have strands of 75 pixels, do I tell it 75 pixels/port and resolution of 75 since I want each pixel addressable? If I add a 100px strand to this controller do I need to go back into hardware editor and change this to get 76-100 working if I set it to 75 initially?
  11. This is what I have except mine are black wire and 12v
  12. Please confirm which wires I hook to what. I have 12v 3-wire nodes. i see the control of data wire goes to data. Then I have positive and negative on the connector. The pixel has 12V on one wire and +GND on the other. Does that mean GND is going to positive and 12V is going to negative terminal? simple question I know, just can't find simplistic wiring pics online and I like to triple check before frying my stuff or myself...
  13. Thanks again Brian. I think it sounds easier to do as DMX and then paste in. You've been an awesome help in stopping me from throwing my hands up and quitting . This has led to a lot of downstream sales for the vendors here i haven't looked into creating the pixie's yet but I'm sure it'll sort out and make sense then
  14. OK, got it working in visualization mode representing the star correctly (assuming I'm limited to 50 pixels per strand). It drew it as one CCR of 50 and one of 25, if I'm using a pixel string of 75 will that work just fine or do I need to create the star using two separate strings tied to the controller?
  15. I was getting very frustrated trying to draw a freaking star with equal sides in the visualizer. Then it dawned on me... just grab a clipart star as the background and trace it. Eureka! That should make future props easier. Especially since I'm cutting them out of coro using the same clipart. Anyway, I'm still learning pixels and am not familiar with DMX yet. I plan to run them off a pixie 4, so will this be DMX?
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