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  1. Awesome Thanks. I will do as suggested above using the second jack in controller and just switch the laptop when needed. When I add more controllers I will take laptop Cat5 to the end of second controller.
  2. Thanks, I was wondering about a punch down block like used in phone systems.
  3. Awesome. For now the beginning is the end. I can just run 2 cat5e's to the pixel tree. When I add more controllers just do as you suggest. I plan on house outlining, starting in the spring along with another 25x16 pixel tree and my wife said she wants a bigger tree, so I guess I will build a mega tree about 10to 12 feet tall for next year.
  4. Ok so it seems not after a search. How can I do this?
  5. Hi folks, new here. I have the LOR pixel tree 16x25. I am going to run the show from the basement. My question is, can I use a powered network switch for LOR only? I would like to run a wire to a location I can do programming from to see prop and eventually props and then return the laptop to the basement. All cat5 e will be into the switch.
  6. OMG. Thanks Got a Show running. Next to get it on mini editor.
  7. Well I got all to work but only via Pixel Editor/ Effect generator I have tried saving with no luck. I decided to try and purchase Star sequencer. I was able to export to PI but I cant get it into scheduler now. Wow this seems like it should be easy, but must be way over my head. Effect generator creates really cool effects on the lights on the tree outside. I just can figure out how to use or save it.
  8. I can get solid, shimmer and twinkle on the entire tree from only the Hardware Utility. I have managed a test sequence, but it only lights one output only four bottom lights.
  9. It is the Pixie 8 controller. One controller. I bought the Pixel Tree Kit 16x25 Gen 3 min director ( Have not even opened that yet as I am trying all from Laptop) Pro software.
  10. Deputy963, I have the same setup and have been racking my brains out. I too can get solid, shimmer and twinkle from only the Hardware Utility. I have managed a test sequence, but it only lights one output only four bottom lights. What am I missing????
  11. New here, but would love for my files. Joekrezdorn@gmail.com
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