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  1. Jim, I have to apologize, I have not been spending a lot of time going through old posts, I was looking for something else and just ran across this one and realized I never answered your questions. It doesn't bother me if anybody uses any of my ideas(unless they are right next door...LOL) As far as the mini trees they are 48 inches tall and the base is 14 inches if I remember correctly. They are lit with nine-three LED pixel modules each and I set them up so that all nine act as one pixel since they are lighting one tree. As far as the roof lights, there are actually 32 rows but only uses 4 ch
  2. Matt Brown, I hope you are still online, I am having the same problem that Sticks4legs was having, as in the only way I can get the motion effects line is to "Insert Preview Props an Groups". even if i go down to pixel level I still don't see the "Add Motion Effects Row". I am not sure what I am doing wrong. this is a file I imported from S4 if that information helps at all.
  3. I am running version 4.3.24, does the keyboard preferences from the SE work for the PE? Or is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for the PE?
  4. When I click on the icon for Pixel Editor it will not open, the cursor shows busy for a few seconds but then returns to normal. It has worked in the past but does not now. I have version 4.3.24 Pro. I have tried uninstalling Light-O-Rama then reinstalling it and it didn't help. Any suggestions?
  5. I am having the same issues, is there no answers yet?
  6. Would love a copy of this kzaas@comcast.net Thanks in advance, Ken
  7. I would love a copy also kzaas@comcast.net Thanks in advance, Ken
  8. Would love a copy please, kzaas@comcast.net Thank you for sharing your work.
  9. Not sure what you are asking about a close up??? And no I made those pixel trees myself, they are taller than HC trees. No, that is a 32 strings of 50 pixels Mega tree. They are around two foot. Each are five segments of fifty lights and I use twenty channels to control all of the mini arches. Thank you all for the kind comments.
  10. I think a lesson learned here is do not wait until showtime to upgrade software especially so close to the weekend. In Light O Rama's defense, they have the best customer service I have ever experienced. I have had several licensing issues in the past since I am always reloading my computers for one reason or another which uses up license seats. I contacts the help desk by email and they usually have the problem taken care of within 24 hours. I have had hardware issues and they have taken care of me with no questions asked. So please don't let this one bad experience ruin your relationship wit
  11. I Found the problem to my flickering RGB lights. First off I am going to set up a separate network card for the E 1.31 network just to keep the traffic separate. But the problem was that I have a show PC and a sequencing PC. BOTH PC's were running LOR COMMLISTENER and trying to talk to the same devices causing conflicts. I shut the LOR control panel off on the sequencing PC and the show PC stopped flickering the RGB lights. I will need to run the control panel and commlistener on the sequencing PC if I want to use the visualizer to display the RGB lights during programming so if I have the act
  12. Here is the setup. I am using numerous 2811 RGB pixels both 5VDC and 12VDC being controlled by numerous E682 controllers and a PC. I run the network on my home network with the show PC in the garage having its own network switch. That network switch is plugged into the main router in the house for internet access. Also plugged into the switch is the show PC, and the E682 controllers. With this configuration the RGB pixels flicker off approximately once per second. if I unplug the switch from the router then the flicker goes away. Now I know this can cure my problem but that is not the proper w
  13. What I did for my ridges was using 1x4 inch boards cut to lengths needed or multiple boards per run if its a long run. my longest run uses 5 boards at 8 foot each. Anyway I drilled a hole every 5 inches and inserted the bullet style pixels and stapled the wire to the back side of the board. After I drilled the holes in the boards I painted them to seal them and also color match them to the tile. Putting them up every year is so much faster than the method I used before for the ridges. To hold the boards to the tiles I cut up wire hangers and bent them into various shapes to fit around the wood
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