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  1. Update: I've gotten to the point where the sequence that I want to use is open in the Sequence editor and will play on the actual tree itself when I have "control lights" checked. I still want/need to get this into the device as a standalone module for now but it still throws the "no events in file" error every time I try to upload the las file. Any idea how I can get my known working sequence onto the device?
  2. So I just go the LOR Pixle tree (16 x 25) kit and have it assembled and I'm trying to figure out how to get the pixel editor sequence (I have the Pro version of the software and I've followed the PDF to create the correct prop) into a state that will let me upload it to the controller as a standalone show. I see how to upload it, but every time I do I get "No events in file" the file is only 1K and doesn't feel right. Not sure what I'm missing but it feels like something simple. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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