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  1. Also would Love a copy , Thanks. jamieparmley@charter.net
  2. My Pixie16 controller also lags on my 12 String Pixel String/100 pixels a Strand. Don't understand what it is. I didn't find any conflicts either as I am running 500k also on the same network with 2 CTB16 AC controllers.
  3. I like the music for sure and would love to have a mega tree like that. It looks great. Nice work. Can’t wait to see more vids like that.
  4. It should be the V 1.08 version. Can you take a snip of ur Hardware Utility screen with what you have and put it on the thread. You can do it with all of them hooked up just check the box that has only the selected. CTB16PG2-V1.08 is the version you need.
  5. I had figured it out. Have you updated ur firmware on ur AC 16 channel controllers. I did and they work now with the original RS485.
  6. Hey, got my Pixie16 to work great. Had to put 300 for total circuits, but now my 2 other controllers (the 16 channel regular controllers) will not run with the sequence. I can still see them on the Hardware Utility and turn them on there, but when running a sequence they won't work.
  7. Alright. figured it out with some help from dibblejr and he is the man. BUT, now my pixie16 is working great and my 2 other 16 channel regular controllers are not working. I can see them on the Hardware utility and turn them on from there, but when I try to run a sequence, they dont work. Now what do I do. I am at a loss. Please, I need help.
  8. I will check this morning and get back with you. I may not have set it up that way. I will put a snip if it on here when I get home.
  9. Thank you. I am going to try some more things and if i still can’t get it up and running, I will pm my cell. Thanks I appreciate it.
  10. I am using 6 Strands of 100 Pixel Nodes per strand at a 180 degree. I have gotten them to play with the sequence, but now only half of the first 2 strands are on.
  11. how do I merge the 2 together. Either I am a complete idiot or I am just missing something. I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but i am beside myself on this one. I can get them all to work using the Hardware Utility.
  12. 10' Pixel Tree and yes i have enhanced, but only a couple of the strands work.
  13. I would love a copy please jamieparmley@charter.net Thanks
  14. jamieparmley@charter.net IF I could get this I would really appreciate it . Thanks
  15. I am new to Pixels this year and I guess I am just not smart enough to merge the 2 to get them to coexist. I have my created Sequences in Sequence Editor and my ones on Pixel Editor. How do I merge together and why won't my control lights work on Pixel Editor.
  16. How do I get pixel Sequence to play with an original Sequence. Having issues.
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