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  1. I attached a picture of what I have currently. I just have a 16 channel controller with several songs programmed for it. Call me dumb but how on Earth do I add smart rgb lights to my LOR 16Chl? Can I still keep my 16 controller and program and just add to it or do I have to replace everything? What I'm looking for is to just replace my roof channel to have rgb lights. Links and pics of hardware would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello everyone this is my first ever post. My first light show was about 4 years ago thanks to youtube videos. Now I'm looking to dive into the smart RGB world but I need some guidance on where to start and how to figure out what I want. My main questions fall into following categories: Scale ablility, Compatiblity, Budget, Installation. I use the LOR 16chl controller currently with a singing face. Can I add rgb pixels using same sequences that are in my current controller or do I have to create new sequences from scratch? I'm looking to keep some elements the same but I also want to make my roofline which is currently CHL 1 to be my rgb lights. Which controllers would be my options? Also how much $ for smart rgb lights to do a outline of standard front face roofline 2 floor home? Or how would I calculate that? And any tips to install strips vs strings that would not require too much holes on my house? Any help is appreciated thanks!
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