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  1. I upgraded to a new computer, and I managed to lose the "Caffeine Medley" Superstar sequence for the arches. I have the Superstar sequence for the CCR/ribbon tree and the associated .mp3 file. Does anyone have the associated Superstar arches sequence to accompany the CCR/ribbon tree Superstar sequence? I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share. Thank you!
  2. This is a more expensive option than perhaps most will want ($150 from Amazon), but I purchased this outdoor speaker 3 years ago. It has made it through 3 winter seasons. It is made specifically for outdoor usage so it is waterproof, has its own internal power (AC 120v required), but it is *powerful* and sounds great without any distortion. I have lots of volume to play with (viewed at 30 feet at about a 1/4 total volume). This could easily handle much greater distances and much higher volume. I mounted the speaker via the included speaker bracket which comes with this speaker kit on a 1-
  3. I did what you suggested and for the most part, all of the props do come over well now. The windows are a bit bizarre, but that I can handle. I did note two things: 1. When I save the latest updated SS sequencing, it saves correctly into the SE grid (e.g. the motion effect row that contains the "group of groups" for SS). However, it does NOT play correctly in SE. I have multiple rooflines with several morphs, and these play fine in SS, but only a very small section on the one specific section of the roofline plays in SE --- even though the full roofline sections are sequenced. 2. I n
  4. Thank you very much Brian. So I did what you said and had success --- but with a single row. So I can sequence with SS on each group prop. But even with a "group of groups", I remember others ("k6ccc") who had EVERY prop somehow added to the SS grid such that the entire display was represented inside of a single SS window. That is what I was trying to accomplish --- if I have 30 props, would I need to ultimately create a "group of groups" that contains all 30 props? Can SS support that? S5 SE will only allow a single row of "motion effects" to be highlighted at one time. Just wondering ho
  5. It has been several years and I'm now getting back into lights and Superstar. I have a complex preview with many props all created and assigned network IDs with no errors. Now I would like to get all of these props into Superstar (SS). Back in early 2018 forum member "k6ccc" was doing this methodically and was detailing his experiences via this forum, switching from S4 and utilizing S5 with the new preview creation while "inserting" effects using SS for all sequencing. I have failed to find this thread on his experiences. Also, I am failing to understand how to "Insert Superstar Effects"
  6. To close this loop and share the solution, I submitted a ticket to the LOR Helpdesk and they provided the answer. That is, I had to go into each sequence that had the Motionpak applied; manually edit the preview to use AUX A; then save. Also, one must use the "Advanced" button when creating the SD card from the Hub function and specify the REG and AUX A networks. There is an option when applying the Motionpak to select a network besides REG --- which I chose when applying the Motionpak. This did not actually work and I never looked at the actual sequence preview (I did review the se
  7. I have purchased the Eldan singing LOR Christmas Tree with a LOR CCCII (Pixie II) controller, along with 3 Motionpak songs. I am using an up-to-date firmware G3-MP3 Director within an up-to-date firmware LOR1602Wg3 controller (2 network ports). I went through the same issues as others to obtain a proper .play.lms file by downrevving LOR software to 5.2.4, then successfully scanned the 3 Motionpak tracks and they installed successfully by the Hub software, then successfully creating .play.lms files with these 3 songs/Motionpaks. I have other .play.lms files I used last year in the show. I
  8. Since I have put things away for awhile, I just picked them back up and I feel (quite a bit) like I am starting from scratch. I have a full preview in S5 containing all of my planned eventual props. I was reviewing where I left off (I actually had completed my preview), and it dawned on me that the physical attributes of the entire display is required to be figured out in advance to adequately map to a network. I still have my house pictures with Sharpie markers in various colors outlining areas with which I intend to outline (windows, roofline, column trim boards). It was meticulous and had a
  9. Brian, that is quite generous of you. However, while that will help me, it will only help me - and no one else. I would think a video or tutorial of the same topic be created such that the next person, or the next 10 people, or 100 people, etc. could benefit from the knowledge that would be gained. In no way do I not appreciate your gracious offer - but I would like to pay forward the assistance that I have received via other tutorials, or from members of this forum, so the experience gained benefits the community, and a video or tutorial of sorts will do just that. Kind Regards.
  10. Alan, Thank you for your thoughtful and well-intentioned reply. To be clear, I have licensed LOR S5 Pro level -and- have licensed SS 60_CCR count on top of that. I have the latest S5.0.18 beta, and I believe I may need a slightly higher CCR license count. I do understand the basics (and your explanation is a very nice summary), and speaking only for myself, I have no problem with buying additional CCR counts if need be. To baseline this discussion, after researching all of the market options I chose the LOR-based market for software sequencing/control and hardware (read controller boards)
  11. I am SOOOOOO frustrated and not following this discussion. I am dense, because I am not following how to properly utilize S5 Preview props and sequence the entire display into SS. I spent quite a few hours drawing the props in S5 Preview, with properly counted and assigned networks, channels, and groups (grouping multiple CCR strings into windows frames, etc.). I see Jim pulling his hair out over many trial-and-error attempts to get props to "display" and "act visually" in SS. I have no desire to get that deep into trialing items, and appreciate the time and patience that other membe
  12. Thank you for providing that information. I will have to study the method outlined by @default and become one with it.
  13. So where do we stand with creating a "visualizer like" file out of the S5 Preview, and then importing into Superstar like the S4 version? I was hoping the S5.0.18 release would enable this function, and perhaps I am missing that functionality, but a quick check this morning doesn't appear to include this feature. Somewhere along the line I thought the .18 release was to enlarge matrix size in Superstar beyond 64 rows; provide pre-define props for S5 preview and "share" with Superstar; and enable visualization files to be created from an S5 Preview and imported/consumed by Superstar like the S4
  14. Good question, Jim. I plan to mount my ribbons using HolidayCoro's Pixel Strip Mounts with Diffuser Cover (I bought a zillion of these at their Pre-Sale price). I was intrigued with the mounting of strips to an aluminum channel, and also was intrigued by the diffuser cover - same concept as place ribbons/strips in opaque PEX or HDPE pipe that some member are doing (same as I am with my Johnson arches). I am still configuring the mounting method with which to mount the HC Pixel Strip Mounts to EMT conduit, but I plan to build my roof lines, window frames and column "runs" using 3/4-inch EMT con
  15. ^^^^ Price is ~$0.81/latch clip (only available in bags of 100 count). As I noted in my post, I did look at the HC clips but they are only available in 1/2-inch size for PVC. I was interested in EMT conduit and larger sizes, so I did not compare price points.
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