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  1. I need help with papagayo to lor. I need to know how to get the phonemes and channels into papagayo translator. I know that I am missing something on sequencing. In the translator it ask for a config name. What name is this don't mean to sound so dumb, but the only thing I ever done was spent 27 years military with weapons. This is new to me so I am going to need a lots of help. If someone can send me a quick break down on configuring papagayo to lor I look on it'smebobo, but didn't understand it. Can email me at chittjhn@comcast.net ATTN: xazjunkie.
  2. I need help this is my 1st year using papagayo. I got lining up the lyrics with the words, but I'm having trouble loading channels and phonemes into papagayo to lor can anyone help, please let ne know. Thanks Tosha's Christmas
  3. is there anyone can help me with papagayo to lor configuration and how to import to lor sequencer
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