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  1. I added a 24x50 matrix to my display this year and my wife found videos of people doing singing faces on a matrix and is now requesting we try it on one song. I have found that XLights has a feature to accomplish this relatively easily and will go that route if I have to. Just wondering because she approved of me buying a 24 CCR license for SuperStar if I needed it to complete her request.
  2. I tired posting a video on YouTube to link tonight and received a copyright violation notice because of a blink 182 song ? How do bands view the use of their music in Christmas light videos?
  3. I definitely do not claim to have a perfect light show or even a good one compared to long time decorators ?. It consumed most of my days and nights and I had the help of a some great friends getting lights up and snowflakes built. I have been dreaming lights and fades and Christmas music for days. Playing drums for 25 years and knowing time signatures and music theory helped with sequencing. The technical parts were a breeze since I have been in the computer field my entire career. This forum has so much information I never had to ask a question, I’m pretty sure everything that can be a
  4. I haven’t posted before but want to thank everyone on the forum for the help you didn’t know you provided. End of short story ?. Long story: My holiday craziness started this year on October 1st when I decided I wanted to bring scares and joy to the trick or treaters. I started designing my first animatronics, building walls and bridges, completely transforming the entire front yard of a friends house into a complete haunted house. In 30 days I was able to achieve what most people told me was impossible. At 7:00 pm on Halloween with the largest crowd I have ever seen in that n
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