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  1. Thanks JPat, I'm excited for it to arrive (Thursday). I've used a different one (Mr. Christ---) (read between the lines, LOL) and really enjoyed it, but some of my neighbors have let me know they love it, but wanted to know when I was going to step up my game. Well, that time is coming very soon!!! My son-in-law and Grandson are as excited as I am to get this started. I have all the lights, inflatables and so on, just need to go to the next level. I know it will take me a couple of weeks to get everything laid out, but to me it's not work, this is fun. I hope this is just the first step o
  2. Thanks Mr. P, I am looking at the "modify" version as I don't want to be locked down. Appreciate it!
  3. Thanks, you re making this so much easier versus trying to read between the line to figure out what is needed, THANKS!!
  4. philnuffer, thank you so much for the great assist, it means a lot. I do this for the small community I'm in and trying to step up my game for a couple of folks that really enjoy our display. Do you know if you can add speakers to this for better sound?
  5. All, this will be my first attempt to order from Light-O-Rama so I want to get it right, plus I'm in a time crunch before Christmas hits. What I'm looking for help with is starting and what I need. I want to be able to have two 16 channel device, add music and outdoor speakers, but not have a computer tied up. Can anyone direct me on what products I need. Greatly appreciated!
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