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  1. Thank you George you are very good to reply back and your advice is very much appreciated. I was thinking maybe buy the essential hardware from LOR directly and then purchasing the sequence and music separately from the available sources. If I got maybe the Tree this year, and then concentrate on the other bits for 2018, or vica versa Merry Christmas to you too, friend
  2. top of the morning to ya, from Ireland George, could I bother you for a moment, I see you where very helpful to the previous poster, I was wondering if I can get your opinion on something. for the last 6 years I have been decorating the outside of my home, all with static steady on LED lights, the ones I picked up locally in the hardware store, i have come across this web form very recently, following some you-tube videos, the animated tree caugh my eye., I am looking for idea to add to my current setup, Do you happen to own one of these animated trees yourself and how do you find it, i see it costs $599 for the kit on the LOR website, Do you you know if that kit includes everything? I also read that I need to download a licence and software to make the music play through a wireless car stereo freq? I think i see it listing at $125 But again I am not sure if that includes everything either Alan
  3. where can the faces be bought? I cant see them on the LOR site
  4. Thank you TheBug! Those are great links and you have been very helpful Do you own one of the animated trees youurself ?
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Alan I am new to the LOR world I found my way here after watching some pretty cool amazing videos on youtube, each year I decorate the outside of house using regular led lights, and the merry Christmas board message signs. Yesterday I discovered the LOR range and the amazing 12ft Animated tree featuring Bruno mars music, I was blown away!! Can somebody go through a list of what I need to purchase, So I might be able to buy this tree, with the music background, Does the soundtrack play through a speaker, or a transmitter FM radio station ect, I would love to get an idea of everything that I would need for this product, I am living in Europe, Ireland, so the power adapter would need to be slightly different. I look for ward to hearing all of the other members help and suggestions on this, I know I have came to the right place
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